Halo Infinite – Where to Find the Banshee in the Campaign

Learn the location of this flying vehicle on Zeta Halo Ring!

You might be wondering how you can find a flying vehicle in the Halo Infinite campaign especially the Banshee or the WASP. The Halo Infinite campaign is set in the Zeta Halo Ring, a vast semi-open world where players will have to traverse.

The Banshee is found in the Reformation sector of Halo Infinite’s open world. Pelican Down in Act 3 grants entrance to the Reformation area. Act 3’s outposts are full of Banshees. You can grab onto the flying ones or take the controls of any of the stationary vehicles.

Halo Infinite – Banshee Location

One of the few challenges players will have to endure is the limited number of flying vehicles in the game, which would be a big help in exploring. The Banshee can be acquired sometime in the third act, but at least it is not that troublesome to look for compared to the WASP.

Here is how you can locate a Banshee in the Zeta Halo Ring.

Banshee Halo Infinite Where to Find the Banshee  in the Campaign

Halo Infinite – Banshee Location

First, you will have to be in the third act of the campaign as a prerequisite. There is no possible way to get the Banshee before this act, so keep that in mind.

Once you are in Act 3, go to the Reformation area of the Zeta Halo Ring. After completing the mission Pelican Down in this act, you will be able to gain access to this particular area. You can find a lot of Banshees in the outposts and Banished strongholds.

FOB Hotel - Banshee Location Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite Map: Reformation area of the Zeta Halo Ring

How to Ride Banshees

There are two ways to get inside the Banshee. You can either just use the Grappleshot into the vehicle from the air and get inside or just jump right in if they are on the ground.

Unfortunately, there is no way to summon a Banshee from the FOB terminals, but they are plenty to find in the open world. Just jump into them when you encounter one along the way.

How to Ride a Banshee Halo Infinite
How to Ride A Banshee

Halo Infinite campaign will launch on December 8, 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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