Harvestella Fishing Guide

Teach you to fish so you can feed yourself for a lifetime in Harvestella.

Life simulators just aren’t complete without that one mechanic, in Harvestella fishing is a key feature that is essential to thriving in your new life. You can’t save the world on an empty stomach and if you’re in the mood for some fish then you need to first know how. On this guide, we’ll show you to unlock fishing in Harvestella, how to fish, and what to do with the fish that you caught.

How to Unlock Fishing in Harvestella?

You can unlock fishing in Harvestella by purchasing the Fishing Knowledge book for 800 Grilla in the General Store of Harvestella. Once you’ve purchased the book, you’ll be able to interact with various spots for fishing in the game world.

Harvestella Fishing Knowledge book

The General Store is open between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM in the game so you have until that time to purchase the book. Come back again later if the shop is still closed. While the 800 Grilla asking price isn’t cheap, you can quickly earn the money by selling Star Crystals that you can get in the first dungeon of Harvestella.

Harvestella Fishing Tutorial

Once you’ve bought the Fishing Knowledge book from the General Store, you’re ready to go on fishing. Open your map and you’ll see fishing spots displayed for that area. Go to the location where you’ll see a fishing icon that you can interact with which will have your character start fishing.

Once your character casts in the rod you’ll have to wait until the fish interact with the bait. You’ll see this when the bait starts to bob up and down or when your controller starts vibrating. From there, press the interact button again to reel the fish in.

Harvestella Fishing Tutorial

It’s really that simple regarding the Harvestella fishing mechanics. You won’t need to concern yourself about buying fishing rods as you’ll automatically get one upon purchasing the book you need or what kind of bait you’ll need to catch certain type of fish. Although other fishing spots will have different kinds of fish depending on whether you’re fishing in rivers, ponds, or lakes.

What Can You Do With Fish in Harvestella?

Fish can act as ingredients for meals that restore your health and stamina in Harvestella. However the fish that you catch via fishing can also be sold to stores for easy money.

Harvestella Fish List

There are 58 kind of fish in Harvestella. Each of them can be caught in different fishing spots around the world. So you’ll have to do some exploring if you want to catch every single one.

  • Gazing Carp: Can be caught in rivers in the town.
  • Golden Egg Salmon: Can be caught in the mountain streams or in the sea.

The list above isn’t complete yet as we haven’t found every fish in Harvestella. But we’ll be sure to update this guide for new information.

We aren’t sure if certain type of fish are affected depending on what time of day you’re catching them are. There are other conditions that let you catch certain type of fish that we haven’t confirmed yet. We do know that you are able to upgrade your fishing rod to catch better fish.

That’s our complete Harvestella Fishing guide. We hope that this article was informative. For more on Harvestella, you’re already in the right place.

This Youtube video from EliTheGaymer also shows you a comprehensive tutorial of the Harvestella fishing mechanics.

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