Harvestella Jobs Guide

How will you fight in this strange new world in peril? All Harvestella classes listed.

In Harvestella jobs are an important part of personalizing your own character in the game’s world. With the JRPG elements of the game, it’s important to know what jobs your character should pick to help them fight in combat. On this guide we’ll talk about each of the jobs you can get in Harvestella.

All Jobs in Harvestella

  • Fighter: A well balanced physical frontliner with some ranged attacks.
  • Mage: A magic based job that specializes in long ranged combat using Ice and Lightning attributes.
  • Sky Lancer: A spear using job that specializes in AoE wind-based attacks.
  • Shadow Walker: An aggressive frontliner job that wields dual blades dealing mortal damage.
  • Assault Savant: A martial arts based job that also uses science to switch the effects and attributes of your regular attacks.
  • Mechanic: A technical class that is proficient in weakening enemies and using physical attacks.
  • Woglinde: A support based class that uses songs to support your party.
  • Avenger: A long distanced physical attack class that fights using Fire and Ice attributes.
  • Pilgrim: A well rounded class that balances physical and magical attacks using a magic sword.
  • Lunamancer: A magic focused class that deals AoE magical damage.

Each job we listed above have their own skill tree, abilities, and passives entirely unique to them. Picking one will alter how you function in combat as it’s important to play to your character’s strengths. Thankfully the game gives you a lot of room to freely change you class whenever you wish so you don’t get stuck with just one.

How Harvestella Jobs Work

Jobs in Harvestella give you access to unique abilities you otherwise don’t have. As you defeat enemies, you’ll gain JP (Job Points) which you can then invest in by using the Skill Board under the Jobs tab in the Menu.

How Harvestella Jobs Work

Each Harvestella job has their own Proshades and will also change the appearance of your character.

How to Unlock Jobs in Harvestella?

  • Fighter: Automatically unlocked as the default class at the start of the game.
  • Mage: Will be unlocked after the first Unicorn enemy encounter that is resistant to Slash attacks in Higan Canyon.
  • Sky Lancer: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Asyl.
  • Shadow Walker: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Istina.
  • Assault Savant: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Aria.
  • Mechanic: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Heine.
  • Woglinde: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Emo.
  • Avenger: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Brakka.
  • Pilgrim: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Shrika.
  • Lunamancer: Unlocked from increasing relationship with Dianthus.

Each job has to be unlocked before you can use them. From the beginning, you’re only able to use the Fighter class until you meet a character that teaches you how to be a Mage.

How to Unlock Jobs in Harvestella

With the exception of the Fighter and Mage class, your character will unlock and learn new jobs simply by observing it from those who possess the job. So increasing your relationship with other NPCs and bringing them along your journey will allow you to widen your job portfolio.

How to Switch Jobs in Harvestella?

You can switch jobs by equipping them from the Party tab in the Menu of Harvestella. Once you unlock a job, you can slot it in one of the tabs which binds them to a hotkey.

Once you’ve done the above, you can change classes on the fly by holding Z and then using one of the directional buttons. You are only able to select three jobs at a time. And once you change a job in the middle of combat, it’ll take a few seconds before you’re able to change back.

That’s our complete Harvestella Jobs guide. We hope this article was informative. For more on Harvestella, you’re already in the right place.

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