How Long to Beat Scorn – Game Length

Those planning on jumping in this desolate hellscape will be interested in how long you’ll be spending time there. You’re asking how long to beat Scorn. This guide will talk about Scorn’s game length so you’ll get an idea of how long the game is.

How Long is Scorn?

Scorn will take between 6 to 8 hours to beat. This is according to developers, Ebb Software, who revealed the game’s length on an AMA in Reddit. However it’s possible that it may take longer to beat Scorn depending on your playstyle.

Factors such as dying to enemies and how long you solve puzzles will affect how long you beat Scorn. The desolate hellscape you’re stuck in is an interesting environment so you might spend some time chewing the scenery. Despite the creepy atmosphere of Scorn, there is genuinely great atmosphere which is thanks to the alien landscape design of half machine, half flesh.

How Long to Beat Scorn

What’s interesting about Scorn is that there’s not a single line of dialogue the whole game. According to Ebb Software, You might spend some time in a spot pondering the meaning of a contraption you just encountered. There’s a lot of mystery to uncover behind the strange machines of this lost civilization that helps you progress.

Despite there being guns in Scorn, or at least something that functions like it, Scorn isn’t a first-person shooter. It leans towards more on puzzle solving despite the presence of enemies in the environment. At a glance you may be mistaken to get an impression of Doom or other similar titles that put you in a hellish environment.

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We hope this answered how long to beat Scorn. While 6 – 8 hours might not sound like much when compared to today’s standards, keep in mind that Scorn is a puzzle game and you’ll likely be spending a lot of time solving complex puzzles with the strange architectures of the game.

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