How to Defeat Divine Breath Final Boss Fight One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Divine Breath Boss Fight cover

Divine Breath is the final boss in One Piece Odyssey. This artifact was built to be used as a weapon that will destroy the entire world. It was once sealed, left dormant, until someone reawakened it for their own motives.

Read ahead as we go through the entire boss fight against Divine Breath, sharing tips and tricks on how to easily defeat the boss.

Spoiler warning: Parts of this guide will be including details that will reveal the twist of the game's story.

How to defeat Divine Breath

This guide follows up from the events after defeating the clones in the Sky Tower and as the entire Straw Hat crew chases after Lim. After the cutscene revealing the true intentions of Adio and how he plans to use the Divine Breath to destroy everything, the crew chases after him all the way to the South Beach.

Before proceeding to the beach, you will have a chance to save your game and set up a camp to do some final preparations. At this point of the game, your crew should be at around level 50 each, which is more than enough to face against the final encounter.

Phase 1 – Versus Adio

The first phase of the fight will be against Adio and the Divine Breath. Adio uses the artifact’s power to summon two Thunder Storms which block out the other crew members from attacking him directly. He also has the power of the Divine Power itself as it dishes out attacks from the backline.

Adio and the Thunder Storms are all Power types, so using Technique characters like Zoro, Robin, or Brook will be effective against dealing with the enemies. Zoro proves to be the most effective not just for this phase, but also for the latter phase. Power characters like Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper can also be used in the fight, while the rest of the Speed characters can be subbed in to concentrate on providing support to the others like healing, buffs, or debuffs (to the enemies). Don’t hesitate on using Luffy to attack as his attack stat can still deal huge damage despite being neutral.

For the characters blocked by the Thunder Storms, concentrate on clearing them out first to allow them to join the damage phase against Adio. During the middle part of the phase, Divine Breath will start charging up for its Thunder Shroud Freeze for one full turn. Targeted characters, or rather their positions, will have a glowing circle beneath them. You can either brace for the attack and prepare to heal the next turn, or have them switched out with Technique characters.

Continue dishing out attacks on Adio and eventually Divine Breath will start acting up as Adio loses his control over the artifact. A short cutscene will play and the fight proceeds to the next phase.

Phase 2 – Versus Divine Breath

The fight moves on to just Divine Breath and the two new Thunder Storms it summons. Same as before, focus on defeating the storms first to free up your blocked member.

Divine Breath will be powered up and shrouds itself in a wall of wind. During this time, it can dish out its own attacks. Once its health bar is drained, it will lose its wind wall and fall to the ground. Once it’s on the ground, it will be back to its full health, but it won’t be able to move for two full rounds, so it’s the best time to dish out all your crew’s attacks while it is weakened.

However, if Divine Breath survives two turns with some remaining HP, it will power up once more and bring back its wind wall. It will also regain its full health back. This cycle continues for one more around of weakening it down and reviving unless you defeat it before it revives the third time. On its third revival, whatever damage it takes during its powered up state will not be healed up during its downed state anymore, so it won’t be a potentially never-ending fight.

You can achieve a faster victory by saving up TP by doing regular attacks during the powered up state along with getting additional attack buffs, and then unleashing your high TP attacks during its downed state.

Once the fight is over and Divine Breath has been defeated, another cutscene will play. Luffy and Adio will have one final fight, but you won’t have to do anything else other than enjoy watching it. You can then proceed to complete the rest of the objectives of the game which is mostly the crew’s preparation to leave the island.

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