How to Earn Money and Pay Loans in Two Point Campus

A guide on how to manage finances in Two Point Campus.

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Money is the main currency in Two Point Campus which is used to purchase stuff for the campus, buy more land for expansion, and pay the campus staff’s wages. Earning more money can get quite challenging as the game progresses to other campus maps, and taking in loans can only help for a short while, not to mention that it is debt that has to be repaid eventually.

Which is why in this guide, we will be talking about how money goes in and out of the campus, how to stay off the red and actually earn money, and how to optimize the campus’ earnings.

Campus Financial Overview

How to earn Money in Two Point Campus

Earning money in Two Point Campus is similar to other resource management games, and most of it are income coming from students’ tuition fees and dorm rents. There are other sources of income like random objectives, competitions, Campus Star rewards, and End of Year rewards.

The gross income is given to the campus every month within an active school year, along with the deduction of monthly staff wages, leaving the campus with the net income. We’ll talk more about the three major sources of income, and we’ll also talk about the monthly expense.

Edit Course

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are what the students pay to enroll for a course and is one of the huge contributors to income. Each course requires a student to pay tuition, which will be divided into 12 months and collected monthly. The amount of the tuition fee depends of the course and its upgrade level. Every student that enters the campus will stay in it for 2-3 years to complete their course, unless they drop out.

The total amount of tuition fees a campus will get within a school year will depend on the course’s tuition fee multiplied by the number of students who have enrolled for that year. Courses can be upgraded before a year starts or within a school year and should be done whenever possible as its effects is multiplied by the student population, which could rake in a lot of income.

Tuition Fees can also be increased or decreased on a per course basis by going to Course Management > Course Management, and clicking on the Edit Course (gears) button. When the amount is changed from the course’s base fee, a lot of things will also be affected, such as Applications, Student Intake, Learning Rate, and Student Happiness being the most impacted one.

Increasing tuition fees is a good way to gain a larger monthly income, but the campus will have to compensate for the other factors that will be affected negatively.

Dorm Room Stats

Dorm Rents

Dorm Rents are also one of the major contributors to a campus’ income. Students who enroll in the campus will also be taking lodging in the campus’ dorm rooms. Enough dorm rooms will have to be constructed in order to accommodate every active student for the school year.

Rents are also paid by the students every month and the amount will depend on a couple of factors: room prestige and accommodation rating.

  • Room Prestige is based on how decorated the dorm room is. Every item placed within the dorm room will increase its prestige meter, and once it is full, it will gain a rank. A higher room prestige rank will not affect the dorm rent directly, but it will help increase the next stat.
  • Accommodation Rating is based on the dorm room’s prestige rank and the ratio of beds to students. A higher room prestige rank will increase the accommodation rating. As for the bed-to-student ratio, the higher it is (the more available beds there are than students), the better the accommodation rating will be. A 100% accommodation rating will mean that students will pay 100% of their dorm rent

Just filling up the campus with dorm rents is not a good idea as you will only have a set amount of students per year, plus you will run out of campus lot space that could instead be used for other income generating or campus improving rooms.

It’s best to keep the accommodation rating at 100% by keeping the bed-to-student ration at 1:1, and try to find the right balance between room size and room prestige.

XP Bonus

XP Bonus is based upon the performance of the campus within a given month, which involves the students’ performance and grades, complete challenges and objectives, and overall improvement of the campus. It’s easier to estimate how much XP Bonus you will get by checking how much progress you got with the Campus Level.

Monthly Income Report

Staff Wages

Staff Wages are the monthly salaries of all the employees of the campus: teachers, assistants, and janitors. This is the only monthly expense that gets deducted from the gross income as maintenance expenses are usually deducted outright.

Staff Wages are also quite straightforward since they do not change unless new people are hired for the campus. Despite it going generally higher as more and more students come in, it is easily manageable as long as the campus’ progress is handled well.

How to avoid Debt in Two Point Campus

Debt can happen in any game play, and is most certainly unavoidable if you are playing and expanding aggressively. It is not bad to incur debt once in a while, but what is bad is if you stay in the red for months at a time.

To avoid going into debt, you just need to make sure that your monthly income stays in the green, which means that your gross income should always cover your expenses and earn you some more profit. If you notice that your campus’ revenue is on a downward slope and your funds are getting critically low, it’s best to follow these pointers:

  • Re-assess your student dorms and make adjustments to them. If you see that your accommodation rating is low, make sure to add more rooms and beds. Sometimes, it’s much more beneficial to have more smaller rooms than having one giant room as you’ll eventually hit a diminishing return on the amount of prestige that you get from a particular item due to reduced variety.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out on your students’ and your employees’ needs. If they feel like they are lacking something that the campus should provide, they’ll start becoming sluggish. Their performance will be affected and you won’t earn as much. Keep them happy and satisfied, and don’t be afraid to hire more janitors or assistants to lessen the load off of your other employees.
  • Throttle down on the expansion and try to keep your purchases limited to only the essentials. Campus decoration isn’t as needed as classroom or dorm room decorations, so prioritize on the latter two.
  • Don’t disregard requests and other random objectives. You’ll get these from time to time and they offer a bit of monetary reward when fulfilled.
  • If all else fails, you can always take a loan, provided you haven’t taken up all of them yet.

How to take Loans in Two Point Campus

Loans can be taken any time just by going to Campus Management > Loans which can be found on the lower left corner of the screen.

There are three brackets of loans with different annual interest rates and loan amounts ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. Once taken, its monthly payment will be deducted from the school’s current liquid budget, however it will not show up in the monthly income report.

Taking in Loans early, and not even when funds are in critical levels, can actually be beneficial as it gives some more funds to be able to work on a lot more projects at the first few months of the campus’ operation.

How to pay Loans in Two Point Campus

As mentioned earlier, the monthly payment for the taken loan (total loan/24 or 36 months) is deducted automatically every month until it is fully paid off. The remaining balance can also be paid off any time through the Loans menu, provided that the campus has enough funds to do so.

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