How to Easily Earn Two Birds in Rollerdrome

Learn to get the Two Birds trophy in Rollerdrome.

Two Birds is a trophy you get in Rollerdrome from eliminating two enemies from a single shot of your Z-11. Due to how fast you move around in the game, this can be very challenging to do. It’s not a feat that you’ll do on a random chance and this guide will teach you how to set up the kills required to get Two Birds in Rollerdrome.

How to Easily Earn Two Birds in Rollerdrome?

To get Two Birds in Rollerdrome easily, you should play Rollerdrome until you get the Crossbow from progressing the campaign. From then, you can simply use your pistols to damage two enemies next to each other before switching to your Crossbow and firing a charged shot in slow motion which kills both of them. This will get you the Two Birds trophy in Rollerdrome.

The best place to line up a shot that kills two enemies is the very first stage of the game. In here, you’ll find three enemies in a triangle formation around the environment. It’s easy to damage two of them with your pistols before switching to your crossbow to take out both.

You really have to line up that final shot properly to get it to go through the first enemy and into the second. It also has to be a kill shot which is why we suggest using your pistols to deal damage first before switching to the crossbow for the kill shots. Once the bullet penetrates the second enemy, you’ll earn the Two Birds trophy.

How to Easily Earn Two Birds in Rollerdrome

That’s how to earn the Two Birds in Rollerdrome. We hope you found this guide to be informative. Before you skate away to take out two poor fools with one bullet, you should check out our other Rollerdrome content available.

If you need a video to bring you up to speed, then check out this tutorial content from WheatYT from Youtube.