Rollerdrome All Bosses & How to Defeat

A guide for how to defeat each boss in Rollerdrome.

Rollerdrome All Bosses & How to Defeat featured

Rollerdrome pits you against bosses to test the skills you’ve accumulated against a truly tough opponent. These bosses will quickly put you on your backfoot unless you know how to handle them properly. Sharpen your skating skills because we’ll show you all bosses and how to defeat them in Rollerdrome.

All Bosses in Rollerdrome

There are only two bosses in Rollerdrome throughout the campaign. They’re both menacing Spider Tanks equipped to the brim with weapons that can level the playing field. Here are all the bosses in Rollerdrome:

  • Spider Tank Mk. I
  • Spider Tank Mk. II

Spider Tanks are giant behemoths that can move around the environment while attacking you in a variety of ways. The interesting thing about Spider Tanks is that you can skate on top of them as they also function as another structure you can do tricks on. This leaves a lot of ways to combat the two Spider Tanks in the game.

You’ll notice that there are no challenges when fighting the Spider Tanks. The game isn’t even keeping track of your score. This is a load off your back since you don’t have to think about the most stylish way to take out the Spider Tank.

If you die during a Spider Tank boss fight, there’s no need to worry. Rollerdrome lets you play right at the beginning of the boss fight instead of the beginning of the stage. This saves a lot of time and gives you room for trial and error. However we’re here to save you some time by teaching you how to defeat each Spider Tank boss.

How to Defeat Spider Tank Mk. I in Rollerdrome

How to Defeat Spider Tank Mk. I in Rollerdrome?

To defeat the Spider Tank Mk. I, you have to skate on top of it and damage the orange glowing weak spot until its life bar hits zero. You’ll notice that its legs are shaped like ramps and they’re like that for a reason. The catch is that you have to wait until one of its legs extend allowing you to ride up, otherwise damaging it is impossible.

Throwing a single grenade while its weak spot is exposed should be enough to do the trick. Once you damage the Spider Tank Mk. I enough, it will throw you off of it. This means that you can’t just stay up there for the duration of your fight with it.

During the fight, enemies will spawn around the large arena you’re fighting the boss on. You need to remove all of them before the Spider Tank Mk. I can be vulnerable again. It helps to keep the sniper mook alive so you can use them to dodge bullets and enter Super Reflex Time to take out everyone else.

The only thing you need to focus on while the Spider Tank Mk. I is invincible is dodging its large arsenal of attacks. We’ve made this table to show you what kind of attacks the Spider Tank Mk. I uses:



Machine Gun Fire

The Spider Tank will fire machine guns at you in a straight line. It uses its head to fire so move diagonally to avoid its sight.

Rocket Barrage

The Spider Tank will fire rockets which will display indicators on the ground for where they'll land. Dodging them is easy enough, but you can also shoot them in the air.


The Spider Tank throws at landmines. This attack is similar to the one Riot Guards like to use. Enter your Super Reflex Time to dodge it in the precise moment.


The Spider Tank stomps at the ground around you. This deals an incredibly high damage and is fast hitting. Look at the red indicator on the ground and dodge when it turns white.

How to Defeat Spider Tank Mk. II in Rollerdrome

How to Defeat Spider Tank Mk. II in Rollerdrome?

You can defeat the Spider Tank Mk. II by damaging its weak spot in Rollerdrome. The fight with it is similar to its Mk. I counterpart, except that the Mk. II is bringing in some new weapons. It also starts with a forcefield forcing you to deal with Warheads, Snipers, and a Polybeam protecting it.

Once you have defeated the enemies surrounding the Spider Tank Mk. II it will come out of its force field to face you on directly. This is the time when you can damage it. Once the Spider Tank Mk. II takes enough damage it will hastily retreat back into the force field where you’re forced to fight against another wave of Warheads, Snipers, and a Polybeam.

There are three groups of enemies throughout the fight with the Spider Tank Mk. II that you’ll have to beat. The last wave of mooks that you’ll have to beat are two Mecha Brutes, two Snipers, two Polybeam, and a Warhead. This can be extremely challenging as you’re fighting the enemies throughout the arena while dodging projectiles from the Spider Tank boss.

The Spider Tank Mk. II has all the moves its predecessor has. This model is upgraded with enhanced versions of those attacks. However it also has additional weaponry not seen with its previous model. Here are all the new attacks the Spider Tank Mk. II can use:



Polybeam Cannon

Replacing the Machine Gun from Mk. I, the Spider Tank Mk. II has a beam cannon that it fires straight at you. Just move diagonally and avoid its sight. You can also dodge through it if you're caught.


The Spider Tank Mk. II creates a wall of flame that makes approaching it difficult. There are spots you can slip through or use one of the ramps to get past the flames.

Enhanced Missiles

The missiles are now enhanced with a larger radius. The missiles are now faster and leave a wall of fire behind. During the last stage of your fight with the Mk. II it will barrage you with these. Keep moving to avoid getting hit.

The Spider Tank Mk. II is the last boss of Rollerdrome. Once you defeat it, you’ve cleared the campaign.

That’s all the bosses you can fight in Rollerdrome and how to beat them. We hope you found this article to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Rollerdrome content to check out.

Check out this Youtube video from Kakuchopurei who fights the Spider Tank Mk. II to get an idea what you’re up against.