How to Reload in Rollerdrome

Reloading in Rollerdrome requires some style and finesse.

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Far from the traditional third-person shooter, Rollerdrome takes a radically different approach when it comes to reloading. Players have to figure out how to reload in Rollerdrome because it isn’t as simple as pressing a button anymore. You’ll have to do something different than the standard norm in order to put some bullets in your gun’s magazine.

How to Reload in Rollerdrome?

You reload in Rollerdrome by doing tricks of any kind. While performing tricks, you’ll see bullets being added to your guns magazine in the bottom left corner of the screen. The more complicated and longer the trick is, the more ammunition you receive from the reload.

The tricks you can do to reload in Rollerdrome aren’t limited to jumps. Doing tricks like grinding along the rails is good enough to restore ammunition. You don’t have any limits to your ammunition reserves either. This means that you can shoot away without having to worry about conserving any ammunition.

Since doing tricks is how you reload in Rollerdrome, you’re encourage to play stylishly aggressive. You need to channel the exaggerated swagger of Dante from Devil May Cry and a 1970’s disco roller skating champ. Kidding aside, the more you utilize the environment to perform tricks while shooting nonstop means you’ll never have to find cover just to reload.

How to Reload in Rollerdrome

You may be tempted to do the hardest tricks in Rollerdrome in order to get the most ammo. However this is more challenging than it looks as you do have to balance your Tony Hawk skating skills and your Max Payne shooting reflexes. You might want to get started with the basic tricks first.

The easiest way to get a lot of ammo in Rollerdrome is to perform grinding tricks. They’re not too complicated and they allow you to quickly traverse the environment with minimal risk of getting shot. Doing flips is the next best thing to reload or grabbing enemies which also reload your weapons greatly.

Does Rollerdrome Have Infinite Ammo?

Yes, Rollerdrome does have infinite ammo which you can enable from the Settings menu. In the Assists tab, you’ll get the option to enable Infinite Ammo so you never have to worry about reloading again. This also won’t affect your ability to earn achievements and trophies.

With Infinite Ammo disabled, you would have to reload your gun in Rollerdrome by performing tricks. You don’t have to worry about running out or conserving ammunition since reloading in the game is infinite.

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That’s how to reload in Rollerdrome. We hope you found this guide to be informative. We have more on Rollerdrome which is why you shouldn’t skate away just yet.

If you want to see how good your skills are, you can compare yourself to the gameplay video from the official PlayStation Youtube channel.

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