How to Farm Simulacrum in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Simulacrum cover image

Simulacrum is a very important resource in Remnant 2 that allows you to upgrade Relics and weapons. The problem is that they’re quite premium, so you want to save them while gathering as much as you can. Looking for Simulacrum can be hard, so we want to teach you how to get Simulacrum in Remnant 2 so you can start farming them.

How to Get Simulacrum in Remnant 2?

Simulacrum can be acquired by exploring hostile biomes or by purchasing it from Cass in Ward 13. While Simulacrum can be found in chests and looted from defeated enemies, including bosses, it’s often rare. Your other option is to purchase it for a hefty fee from Cass.

While you’re out exploring different worlds like Yaesha, you’ll eventually see some enemies drop Simulacrum. Opening chests will also give you a chance to find this resource. Due to Remnant 2’s procedural generation, this can boil down to RNG for how many Simulacrum you can farm per expenditure.

Searching for Simulacrum is the most natural way to find it. It is time consuming if you’re purposefully looking for the resource but it should come naturally when you’re just playing the game as normal. The only other option is to purchase it from Cass back in Ward 13.

Purchasing it from Cass isn’t a small expense because each Simulacrum is worth 1,500 Scrap. You’re better off saving this method unless you really want to upgrade your Relics and weapons. You can find Cass in Ward 13 who will open up her shop after your return back from your trip to the World Crystal.

Once you have the Simulacrum, you can use it to upgrade your weapons from Rigs or Relics from Wallace. If you’re aiming to get all the Remnant 2 achievements, this is important. A popular use for Simulacrum is to upgrade your Dragon Heart which rapidly heals you. Be careful though, as some bosses have modifiers that can turn your own Relics against you. Consider balancing that by also upgrading your weapons.