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All about fishing in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Fishing in the Monster Hunter games has been sort of a side past time where you can get crafting materials or just fill up your fish collection. It was even once a mechanic to lure out certain water-dwelling monsters in the past games. Fishing still exists in Monster Hunter Rise and it has been made slightly easier than ever.

How to Fish in Monster Hunter Rise

We mentioned that fishing has been made easier in this game because you don’t really have to bring anything to start fishing. Unlike in the past games where you have to bring different kinds of bait to catch certain fishes, in Rise there are no more baits and you can catch just about every fish.

Locate a Fishing Spot

Just simply look for a fishing spot in any of the several locations. You’ll know if a body of water is a fishing spot if you see fishes swimming around and a prompt to “Fish” appears as you approach the spot.

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Aim for a fish

Interacting with the fishing spot will move the camera angle to an overhead shot of the spot. A tight beam of light will then appear that will show where your bait will land once you cast it. You can adjust the camera angle to get a better view on the fish that you’re trying to catch.

Fishing tip: Try to aim just a few distance away from the fish’s face.

Cast your line

Press the interact key to cast. Upon casting, keep an eye on the bobber. The bobber will sink once a fish takes a bite on your hook.

Reel in your catch

Once the bobber sinks, just repeatedly press on the interact key to reel the fish in until you finally catch it. And it’s as easy as that!

In some instances, you may reel in more than one of the same fish at a time, but make sure that you still have space in your inventory. Not all fishes will take up space as some of the special fishes get converted into Kamura points instead.

Monster Hunter Rise All Fishing Spots

Here’s a list of all the fishing spots that you can find in MHR:

Shrine Ruins - Monster Hunter Rise Map
Shrine Ruins

Shrine Ruins

The Shrine Ruins, located in Area 6, is one of the first places where you can fish. Just below the waterfall in a deep pool of water is this. The Great Whetfish and the Goldenfry can be caught at this place.

Frost Islands - Monster Hunter Rise
Frost Islands

Frost Islands

Northwest of the camp in the Frost Islands area, there is a fishing site in Zone 3. The Speartuna, the next unusual fish to be shown, spawns here. To find Frost Islands, Zone 6, you must climb the broken passageway leading north toward Zone 9 and head west to the slope that overlooks the open water, then turn right. The caverns in the northern part of the area contain Frost Islands, Zone 11.

Sandy Plains - Monster Hunter Rise
Sandy Plains

Sandy Plains

Sandy Plains, Zone 2 is located in the lower levels of the canyon seen as you exit the camp. Sandy Plains, Zone 8 is best accessed from the upper levels, as this fishing area is located on a different level to Zone 8. Fishing for Great Gastronome Tuna in Zone 8 is possible if you travel to the Sandy Plains on a high-ranking quest or tour.

Flooded Forest - Monster Hunter Rise Fishing Map
Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest

The Flooded Forest is east of Zone 3 and behind the temple. The Platinumfish may be found in the Flooded Forest, Zone 5, if you’re hunting for rare fish places in Monster Hunter Rise.

Lava Caverns - Monster Hunter Rise Fishing Map
Lava Caverns

Lava Caverns

Leaving camp, you can find Zone 1 of Lava Cavern by following the west side of the trail before entering the zone. You’ll enter Zone 1 by walking through an area of water that’s west of where you left the camp. The Supreme Brocadefish can be found on high-ranking quests in the Lava Cavern.

Monster Hunter Rise All Fish List and Locations

Low Rank

Big CombustunaFrost Islands, Shrine Ruins
BrocadefishFrost Islands, Lava Caverns
CombustunaFrost Islands, Shrine Ruins
CrimsonfishFlooded Forest, Shrine Ruins
FlamefinFlooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains
Gastronome TunaFlooded Forest, Shrine Ruins
GoldenfishFlooded Forest, Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains
GoldenfryFrost Islands, Shrine Ruins
Great FlamefinFlooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains
Great WhetfishFrost Islands, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Shrine Ruins
King BrocadefishFrost Islands, Lava Caverns
PopfishFrost Islands, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains
ScatterfishFrost Islands, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins
SushifishFrost Islands, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins
WhetfishFrost Islands, Shrine Ruins

High Rank

Great Gastronome TunaSandy Plains
PlatinumfishFlooded Forest
SpeartunaFrost Islands
Supreme BrocadefishLava Caverns

How to get the Deft-hand Rod Award

The Deft-hand Rod Award is given once you catch all 19 different kinds of fishes.

Fishing Tips for Monster Hunter Rise

  • You can simply go on expeditions if you want to solely catch fishes. Just make sure you pick the High Rank expedition if you want to catch the rare fishes.
  • Bring Dung Bombs to ward off big monsters that are in the fishing area.

Follow this guide and you will be on your way to being a master fisherman of Kamura.

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