How to get Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Bond Rings are one way of boosting your units stats in Fire Emblem Engage. Unlike Emblem Rings, these are much more accessible and can be upgraded for further utility. Our easy to understand guide will show you how to get Bond Rings in Fire Emblem.

How to get Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage?

Bond Rings have to be forged by using Bond Fragments you collect on your journey in Fire Emblem Engage. Go to the Ring Chamber on Somniel to forge a Bond Ring. A single Bond Ring costs 100 Bond Fragments to create.

Similar to a Gacha system, forging Bond Rings can depend on luck. They’re separated from C to S rank. Lower ranked Bond Rings have a higher chance of being created than higher ranked one. You’ll have to be prepared to spend a lot of Bond Fragments to get really decent Bond Rings.

Our guide How to Farm Bond Fragments in Fire Emblem Engage will help you get the resources needed to create Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to upgrade Bond Rings?

Bond Rings can be upgraded by melding two Bond Rings of the same type. Fire Emblem Engage allows you to use the Ring Chamber in Somniel to create more powerful Bond Rings by melding two weaker ones together.

Bond Rings vs Emblem Rings: What’s the difference?

Bond Rings are essentially a weaker form of Emblem Rings that are imbued with minor characters from the previous Fire Emblem games. In contrast to Emblem Rings, Bond Rings cannot be merged with however they do give a small stat boost to the unit that has them equipped.

In short, Emblem Rings are much more powerful which not only provides a boost in stats but also allows the units who wield them to engage with the Emblem Ring’s respective hero allowing them access to powerful skills and abilities. However compared to Bond Rings, Emblem Rings are finite and you can’t hand them to everyone in your growing party.

Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

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