How to get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2

How to farm Defiant Keys in Destiny 2?

You’ll definitely find a lot of use for Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 which have dropped since the start of the Lightfall expansion. This invaluable resource will get you precious loot but they’re not so easy to find as they can be rather scarce. Let’s talk about how to farm Defiant Keys so you’ll never have to miss another loot again in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

So how do you get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2? And just what are these Defiant Keys used for?

How to get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2?

You can get Defiant Keys by participating in numerous activities that center around the Season of Defiance in Destiny 2. Here are the activities that will get you Defiant Keys:

  • Crucible
  • Gambit
  • H.E.L.M. War Table
  • Lightfall Story Missions
  • Raids
  • Season of Defiance Season Pass
  • The Terminal Overload in Neomuna
  • Vanguard Ops Playlist

Unfortunately the drop rate for Defiant Keys is rather low in Destiny 2. You’ll get them periodically as a reward for participating in these activities but there’s guarantee that they drop after finishing each. This makes Defiant Keys a rather valuable resource.

The fastest way to farm Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 is by taking part in Crucible matches. It’s a shorter activity compared to the rest even if you’re not guaranteed a drop for every match you finish. If you’re okay with spending some money, then buying the Season Pass will get you Defiant Keys on ranks 2, 52, and 92 respectively. The Season of Defiance’s H.E.L.M. War Table will also reward you with Defiant Keys on rank 7 and 13.

What are Defiant Keys for in Destiny 2?

Defiant Keys are used to open Defiant Chests which are found at the end of the Defiant Battlegrounds playlists activity in Destiny 2. Make sure to tackle the playlist version of Defiant Battlegrounds because the direct launch version won’t contain any Defiant Chest.

Opening Defiant Chests using Defiant Keys will reward you with a seasonal engram and either a weapon with Deepsight Resonance without needing to complete its crafting pattern or high-stat seasonal armor.

You can open Defiant Chests without Defiant Keys, however you’ll only receive either one of this season’s weapons or armor. It’s still a good consolation prize so you should open Defiant Chests whenever you can even without the keys.

That’s how to get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 and what they’re used for. We hope this guide helped you out a lot.

Here’s a Youtube video from ToastyBits showing you how to farm Defiant Key as well in Destiny 2.