How to Get the Bodega Cat Suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Bodega Cat, the cutest crime fighter ever, is back to help Miles keep New York safe.

bodega cat suit - Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Cat-lovers Spidey fans will obviously be looking for the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bodega Cat Suit. The cutest little crime fighter joins Miles Morales throughout his patrols to keep New York Safe. This fan favorite from the previous game has made their return to the latest in Insomniac’s entry of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

What’s that? You want a cute Bodega Cat fighting with you as you swing through New York? Say no more! In this guide, I’ll help you get the Bodega Cat Suit for Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to unlock Bodega Cat Suit

The Bodega Cat Suit is unlocked by reaching Level 24 which can quickly be done by completing main story and side missions. Once you reach Level 24, you can craft it for the cost of 25 Tech Parts in the SUITS menu.

By the time you reach Level 24, you should already have enough Tech Parts to craft the suit. However if you need to farm it to craft the Bodega Cat Suit for Miles, then you can do this by going after Spider-Bots and Tech Crates. When you have enough, open the menu by pressing the touchpad on your DualSense controller and navigating to the SUITS tab with the L1 and R1 buttons. Press R2 to view Miles’ suits and scroll down to the Bodega Cat suit. Once you craft it, the suit is yours and can be equipped.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, unlocking the Bodega Cat Suit was more taxing as you’re required to complete the main story and then a side mission called Looters!!! It’s much simpler to unlock the suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 so you can get to swinging in New York City with a cat in your backpack as soon as you reach the right level.

Bodega Cat Suit Styles

Once you unlock the Bodega Cat Suit for Miles, it comes with different Suit Styles which provide color variants upon being equipped. It really only changes the color of the hoodie Miles is wearing so if you don’t like the default color red you can change it.

Can Peter Wear the Bodega Cat Suit?

The Bodega Cat Suit is only exclusive to Miles Morales and cannot be worn by Peter Parker. As much as I’d love to see two Spider-Men saving New York City with crime-fighting cats, it isn’t possible.

From a lore perspective, this does make sense as the Bodega Cat is closely tied to one of Miles’ personal side quests from the previous game. This is where he helps a storeowner, Teo, get back his cat from the thieves who robbed his store. So the Bodega Cat has a tighter bond with Miles than anyone else.

Since Miles acquires the Bodega Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, this means that he’s effectively been fighting crime with the cat for roughly ten months after the events of his own game. There’s a bond that’s impossible to break!