Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Timeline: When Does It Take Place?

A lot has happened before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and you could be asking just how long it’s been since the last two games happened. Both Peter and Miles have bonded with each other and taken on to protecting New York City from every threat possible. But with the reveal that both Spider-Men now have new gadgets and powers at their disposal, just how long has it been since we’ve seen them the last time?

When Does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Take Place?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes place in 2021 since it’s roughly 10 months after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is according to Bryan Intihar and the official PlayStation website. It would mean that it’s been nearly two years since the events of the first game.

During those rough 10 months, it seems that both Peter and Miles have gotten better at being a crime fighting team. Their early works against Rhino in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows that the duo still needed a bit of work. Now that some time has passed they have gotten used to working together.

According to Intihar, Miles has now figured out what kind of Spider-Man he wants to be. This allows him to be a better partner to Peter and the two team up to fight against various villains who threaten the citizens of New York. However, their teamwork is put to the test as Peter comes into contact with the Symbiote and new villains surface.

Now the two are facing even greater threats with Kraven coming to New York for his greatest hunt yet. That’s not even mentioning the appearance of Venom who is one of the deadliest foes Spider-Man ever had to face. For our thoughts on the game, you can read our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 review.

Explaining the Timeline

In the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game released for the PS4, Peter wasn’t exactly a rookie with some years behind him as Spider-Man and already has a few names in his rogues gallery. This takes place in 2018-19 where he has to battle against larger threats than before forcing him to grow as both a person and a superhero.

By the time Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place, it’s already Christmas time during 2020 with both Miles and Peter familiar with each other enough to fight together against villains like Rhino. Keep in mind that Miles revealed his powers to Peter at the end of the first game, meaning that Peter has been mentoring him on how to become a good Spider-Man for a year before the events of Spider-Man: Miles Morales start.

Now the current timeline is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which is the latest entry that marks the first time you get to play as both Peter and Miles simultaneously. This takes place 10 months after Spider-Man: Miles Morales, meaning that it’s 2021. The gameplay trailer revealed by Insomniac pretty much states this is when Peter finds the symbiote and inevitably encounters Venom.

You have more to look forward to with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s release this October 20. In the mean time, we have other articles that will answer some important questions you’re having: