Preload Out Now! How to Preload Pokemon Legends: Arceus

You can preload Pokemon Legends: Arceus right now!


If you are one of the excited fans who pre-ordered Pokemon Legends: Arceus in the Nintendo eShop, then you can already preload the game right now!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released on January 28, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch, but players who have pre-ordered the digital copy can preload the game starting today. That way, they can immediately play the game as soon as the release date arrives.

Before you Preload…

Make sure that you have enough space in your Switch’s internal memory or have a MicroSD card ready. The game’s file size upon preloading is at 6.0GB, and may possibly increase in the future as the game updates.

How to Preload Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Visit the Nintendo eShop

Look for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

This can be done through the Featured page, through the search bar, or by looking through the Coming Soon section of the eShop.

Select the Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Select Proceed to Pre-order

The game will then show the option to preload the game once the purchase is done.

On Release Day

Similar to the previous releases, Pokemon Legends: Arceus may also follow a midnight local release, so you can play the game as soon as you pass midnight on the time zone where you’re at.

In case you encounter an issue upon launching the game on the minute of its release, there just might be a delay and you can simply restart your Switch and try launching the game again.

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