New Pokemon Legends Arceus Characters Revealed

New encounters are in store for Pokemon Trainers of the Hisuan region

A new trailer recently uploaded on the Pokemon Youtube page shows what kind of encounters trainers will face in the new upcoming Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends Arceus. In the latest trailer, we are introduced to two clans that will either accompany us in exploring the Hisuan region or challenge us. The two clans are the Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan.

Both clans don clothing designed to resemble certain Pokémon, and both pay respect to special Pokémon they call lords and ladies—or collectively, noble Pokémon.


He serves as the leader of the Diamond Clan and has Leafeon as his partner Pokémon. This daring young man hates seeing time go to waste and likes to rush forward without worrying too much about particulars. This way of thinking puts him at odds with Irida, who leads the Pearl Clan, so the two are frequently seen fighting.


She serves as the leader of the Pearl Clan, and her partner Pokémon is Glaceon. As a leader, she feels it is important to have the courage to face the vast Hisui region without quailing before it. Though she is suspicious of you when you first meet, she will come to trust you thanks to the help you provide in quelling the noble Pokémon.

Not only do the Pearl and Diamond Clan exist in the Hisuan but also the Ginko Guild which serves as a merchants guild. They provide items needed to survive the Hisuan wild area such as berries, accessories and many more to ensure each trainer’s safety through the wild.


Ginter is the head of the Ginkgo Guild. He might not look all that enthusiastic, but it’s his strong leadership that keeps the guild together. He’ll sell you rare items and special finds that he gets from various places.


Volo, one of the Ginkgo Guild’s merchants, is often to be found wandering the Hisui region. He has a tendency to cross paths with you no matter where you travel. He’s got a boundless sense of curiosity and is always interested in unusual finds and unusual people.

With all these new faces that trainers will encounter in the entire Hisuan region, a new adventure awaits them and also new challenges as well. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to be released on January 28th, 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. For more Pokemon news, click hereherehereherehere, here and here.