How to Start The Contract in GTA 5 Online DLC

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How do you start The Contract in GTA Online? Franklin needs your help. While being the servant to some spoiled and rich celebrities may not sound too appealing, you can’t deny the rewards that come with it. Plus, The Contract is Franklin Clinton’s first ever appearance away from the GTA main campaign so it couldn’t hurt to see what he needs.

Learn all the details on our guide, GTA Online How to Start The Contract, down below. We’ll teach you everything on how to start The Contract, what you need, and the new stuff coming along on the December 15, 2021 update.

How to start The Contract in GTA Online

Before we can start helping Franklin out, there is a 3.991 GB update you must download for the PlayStation. The size differs depending on what platform you’re playing GTA Online on. So just go ahead and download the latest update and we can get started.

  • PC – 5.1 GB
  • PlayStation – 3.991 GB
  • Xbox – 4.15 GB

While the update file size is on the smaller side, it does contain a ton of new content. So I don’t doubt that you’re excited to dive in and get started. Let’s take a look at the steps below.

Boot Up the Game and Wait for a Phone Call

If you’re like me who hates the frequent phone calls in GTA Online, then you might be willing to make an exception for this one. As soon as you login to the game, Lamar will give you a call. He’ll talk to you about how a new celebrity agency is looking for help and he thinks that you might be the right guy.

Go to the Internet Browser

After you’ve received the phone call from Lamar, you can use your phone or laptop from your hideout to go to the internet browser. Go to the Dynasty 8 Executive website on the Money and Services tab. You could also alternatively just type in to get to the webpage.

Agency GTA Online How to Start The Contract
Select from any of the four Agencies

Purchase an Agency

We hope you have some deep pockets because to start The Contract it’s going to set you back at least $2 million. Starting The Contract as a new player in GTA Online can be quite demanding. Once you’ve visited the Dynasty 8 Executive you’ll need to purchase one of four Agencies all of which are a bit on the expensive side.

  • Little Seoul – $2,010,000
  • Vespucci Canals – $2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills – $2,415,000
  • Hawick – $2,830,000

You can choose from any of the above depending on your budget. Besides the location, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between these Agencies. So if you’re looking to only cut travel short, there’s no reason not to pick Little Seoul, which is the cheapest location.

Like any business property you purchase, you can customize this Agency to have its own Armory, Accommodation, and Vehicle Workshop. While they aren’t necessary to starting the Contract, they can make it convenient as your Agency can be used as your spawn point.

Franklin GTA Online How to Start The Contract
Finally, Franklin is here!

Go to Your New Agency

Set a waypoint for your new Agency and head over there. Once you enter the building, you’ll get a cutscene with Franklin Clinton, who for the first time ever finally shows in the online segment of GTA V.

Franklin will show you around your new building and get your started on some Contract missions. Unfortunately he’s working with a big client during that moment, so Franklin won’t be able to stay with you for long.

And that is it! You have officially gotten started on GTA Online’s The Contract and may now start participating in the game’s new content.

The Contract GTA Online How to Start The Contract

We’ll be hear to answer some additional questions you may have down below.

What is The Contract in GTA Online?

The Contract is a DLC for GTA Online which features Franklin Clinton. You obviously remember him being one of the main protagonists of the single player story. You might also remember that Franklin centers heavily around vehicles so expect a lot of them for The Contract.

Franklin has built up a celebrity agency that centers on helping the rich and spoiled for a lot of cash. And as new players, we’re here to help him out.

Contracts GTA Online How to Start The Contract

How Do You Start Contracts in GTA Online?

Starting contracts in GTA Online The Contract is the same way you start VIP missions as a CEO or jobs for your MC Club. Once you’ve bought the Agency office, you simply have to go to the laptop of your Agency office and check for available contracts.

Is The GTA Online The Contract DLC Free?

The Contract DLC for GTA Online is free new content. You don’t have to pay a dime to access its missions. Though that may be a bit misleading, as you do need at least $2 million in-game currency to purchase one of the Agency buildings in Los Santos. You can’t start any of The Contract missions without having purchased at least one of the four properties available.

You would also need some extra cash to be able to purchase the game’s latest vehicles added in The Contract.

Vehicles Franklin GTA Online How to Start The Contract
Check out the latest new cars in The Contract

What are The Contract New Vehicles?

The Contract adds 7 new vehicles into GTA Online. These new vehicles can be purchased from the Legendary Motorsport or Southern San Andreas Super Autos retailers. Just pull up your Smartphone and see which one you want.


Where to Buy


Trade Price

Trade Price Req.

Dewbauchee Champion

Legendary Motorsport



As a Leader, Complete Studio Time

Enus Deity

Legendary Motorsport



As a Leader, Complete 10 Security Contracts

Enus Jubilee

Legendary Motorsport



As a Leader, Complete 20 Security Contracts

Pegassi Ignus

Legendary Motorsport




Lampadati Cinquemila

Legendary Motorsport




Pfister Astron

Legendary Motorsport




Bravado Buffalo STX

Southern San Andreas Super Autos



Purchase any Agency

What Are The Contract New Weapons?

The Contract introduces 3 new weapons into the GTA Online segment. 2 of them you can grab them by purchasing The Armory upgrade for your agency. One can be bought from any gun shop in the game.

  • Stun Gun – nonlethal weapon that can only be bought from The Armory. Costs $375,000
  • Compact EMP Launcher – nonlethal weapon that can only be bought from The Armory. Costs $525,000
  • Heavy Rifle – lethal weapon that can be bought on any gun store. Costs $450,000

And that’s all you need to know about GTA Online The Contract’s latest content. For more on GTA Online, check out the articles we have below.