How to unlock secret ending: One Piece Odyssey ending explained

One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending cover

Patient players of One Piece Odyssey are rewarded with an extra scene that could be considered as the game’s secret ending. This scene gives a happier ending for the events of the game, and may also be suggesting a return of a particular characters, if ever the game does get a sequel.

How to unlock the Secret Ending for One Piece Odyssey

Though it might be more fitting to call it a post-credit scene, One Piece Odyssey’s secret ending can easily be found just by watching through the entire credits. Once the credits end, the screen turn to black, and two lines appear which seems to be coming from the perspective of Adio.

Just as a refresher, and also: spoiler warning, Adio becomes one of the big bad enemies that you have to face off against during the final boss fight of the game. After defeating Adio, he sets out using the broken Divine Breath towards the Marine’s barricade of ships, presumably clearing all of them to prevent the destruction of Waford. From then on, nothing else was ever heard of him or his whereabouts, until the final scene.

Going back to the secret ending, after an unspecified time has passed, the scene shifts to Lim closing a book while inside Adio’s hut. She is then called by Red-eyed Lim to go outside as there appears to be a visitor who just arrived. It is not shown who the visitor was, but based on the delighted look on Lim’s face, it’s a safe guess that the person she saw was Adio. While he was about to fly off into the barricade, Adio was heard making a promise that he will visit Lim once again after all.

Based from the warm reception and high ratings that One Piece Odyssey is currently getting from the critics’ reviews and player reviews, it’s not impossible to see a sequel for this game sometime in the future. We might even see Adio once again in that sequel, possibly as a true ally by that time.

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