How to upgrade weapons in The Callisto Protocol

Jacob might not be Isaac Clarke but he still has his way with improving weapons.

You will need to upgrade weapons in The Callisto Protocol to maximize your chances of survival. As the game progresses, enemies will become stronger and your weapons will become more ineffective. You’ll have to know how to upgrade weapons in The Callisto Protocol to stand a chance at survival. On this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade weapons and which ones are the best to focus on.

How To Upgrade Weapons in The Callisto Protocol?

You have to use the Reforge Station in order to upgrade weapons in The Callisto Protocol. Each weapon upgrade will cost you Callisto Credits which can be obtained from defeated foes or by selling items at the Reforge Station.

The first time you’ll find a Reforge Station in the game is in the second chapter, “Aftermath,” where you’ll meet with Elias who gives you the handle for the first firearm in the game. Once he gives you the handle for the hand cannon, he directs you to the Reforge Station in the room to build it.

After the Aftermath chapter, you’ll be able to freely upgrade any weapons you come across so long as you have enough Callisto Credits. Each weapon has their own upgrade tree which you need to unlock one at a time in order to reach the full potential of that weapon.

What Are the Best Weapon Upgrades in The Callisto Protocol?

You’ll have limited Callisto Credits in one playthrough so you’ll want to choose the best weapon upgrades in The Callisto Protocol. Here are some of the best weapon upgrades we suggest you prioritize:

Block Break Upgrade – Baton

Enemies can block your attacks in The Callisto Protocol which is why getting the Block Break upgrade can be crucial for melee combos. Having your combo interrupted by a block can be a death sentence which is why you need to ensure that the horrors you face won’t have a prayer.

Damage Upgrade – Baton

Your baton is your best friend when it comes to melee encounters in The Callisto Protocol. Despite the wide range of firearms at your disposal, you don’t want to overly rely on range to get you out of situations. Upgrading your baton’s damage will help you ensure that you won’t be defenseless once enemies are in your face.

High Capacity Magazine Upgrade – Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is the first weapon you get in The Callisto Protocol but its ammunition also takes up limited inventory slots. Allowing more bullets in the magazine of your hand cannon frees up some space you’d otherwise have to be frugal with.

Recharge Speed Upgrade – GRP

Your GRP is one of the key tools for your survival in the game so running out of energy for the GRP can be a death sentence in certain scenarios. Upgrading the recharge speed for the GRP can be a life saver as you’ll quickly need to use it to grab enemies and throw them at hazardous environments.

Upgrade Weapon Trophies and Achievements in The Callisto Protocol

Upgrade Weapon Trophies and Achievements in The Callisto Protocol

You’ll earn the You Need a Gun and Reforged trophies and achievements by upgrading your weapons in The Callisto Protocol. The former needs you to fully upgrade any one of the weapons in the game, while the latter only needs you to print a weapon upgrade.

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That’s how to upgrade weapons in The Callisto Protocol. We hope this article was informative. For more on The Callisto Protocol, here are some related content you’ll be interested in:

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