Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible?

Can you use VR Headsets for Demonologist?

Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible

A Demonologist VR Support is sure to scare even the most stone-faced players. Getting to see all the gory details up close and personal is a much different and more terrifying experience. Although not every game is going to have VR compatibility, let’s talk about that feature for Demonologist.

Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible?

Demonologist does not have official VR Support at this moment. However, there is a mod that allows players to play the game on VR.

The Community Manager for Demonologist stated on Steam that they don’t have a projected ETA for VR implementation. However, they are impressed by a third party software that mods Demonologist to be compatible with VR headsets. Despite this, they warn that they can’t really recommend it as they can’t guarantee that it’s safe to use.

We checked out the Youtube video by Waifu Enjoyer for the Demonologist VR Support mod, and so far it seems plausible. However, we can’t recommend or guarantee this since it’s not the official support. So please exercise caution if you’re planning to try it out.

We highly recommend that you wait for Clock Wizard Games to add official VR support for Demonologist instead. It’s much safer and would probably cause fewer problems for multiplayer games when playing with friends. You’d also have fewer problems using the Demonologist tools in the game.

Is Demonologist VR Support Compatible?

The lack of official Demonologist VR support isn’t really holding the game back by that much. Although it would be pretty amazing to see all its Easter eggs up close, especially considering Clock Wizard Games have hidden some particularly clever ones. The jump scares up close would be pretty terrifying as well, which is only enhanced by the feeling of actually being there that a VR could provide.

This answers everything about Demonologist VR support compatibility. We hope this article was informative. For more features, news, and guide, feel free to check out our other Demonologist articles.