Is It Hard Reviewing Video-Games Objectively?

Objective game reviews are like urban legends. Rarely do you see or read about articles or videos that criticizes games the way they are intentionally made.

Most people may agree that current game reviewers are too opinionated and those thoughts contradict about what gamers really feel on a game. A reviewer’s experience during their play-through influences most of their article.

Just because a reviewer has trouble making it out of a game’s tutorial section doesn’t really make it harder for other players. Unpopular opinions like this sees the birth of memes like ‘Too much (item) – (low score/10)’. One person’s bad experience while playing doesn’t necessarily mean a game is shitty. Well, not always. Because there are factors that should be taken note of, too. Like how a game is presented to the player, introducing new mechanics gradually, and how the reviewer tackles them. But let’s not dig deeper into that.

Opinions, opinions, opinions. Game reviews are full of them.

Objective game reviews, however, aren’t. They’re filled with facts and technical standpoints which lack a user’s personal emotional input. They’re the things you can basically see in a gameplay trailer; direct to the point and stamped with a score.

Research, research, research. Objective game reviews need a lot of them.

Digging up info on a game is not easy. Especially if the game being reviewed is not known by many. All a reviewer needs to know is how to make a couple of information dance together in simple, understandable thoughts. You know, basic writing skills.

Which review type is better?

In a reviewer’s perspective, I’d personally go with being subjective. Writing about your experience in a game may be hard, but at least you’re creatively free to criticize or praise, depending on your play through. Sure, your audience might react harshly but hey, it’s just your opinion.

In a reader’s point of view however, I’d read or watch videos about both. After all, we pay for a game worth playing. Knowing stuff about what you buy is a must so you won’t end up regretting your purchase.

Expressing emotions and personal experiences in games for reviews is not easy. Who knows how fans may react to an article. But writing a game review objectively being difficult? A bit. Nothing’s easy in life anyway.

And that’s just my opinion. *wink