Is Lightfall the end of Destiny 2 (Explained)

Players are worried that this might be the ending of the fight between Light and Darkness. Is Lightfall the final expansion of Destiny 2?

With Lightfall seemingly the final planned expansion announced by Bungie, people are asking if it could be the end of Destiny 2. Long time players who have put in the grind every day to get the most powerful weapons and equipment might have something to fear if there’s nothing more left for the game. Are we reaching the end of Destiny 2?

Is Lightfall really the end of Destiny 2 or is there still more planned for the game?

Is Lightfall the end of Destiny 2?

No need to fear, Destiny 2 Lightfall is not the end of the game. Bungie has announced another upcoming expansion titled “The Final Shape” which is expected sometime around 2024.

For those wondering, Lightfall is only the beginning of the end of Destiny 2. While we’re reaching the closing chapters of the game, we’re not quite at the last page just yet. Lightfall was originally considered to be the end of Destiny 2 culminating the crescendo of the fight between Light and Darkness, it seems there’s still some fight left in the future.

There are very little details revealed yet about Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion. Though we are confident that this expansion will be the finale of the Destiny 2 story. Unless Bungie would want to keep the game going for longer.

Is Lightfall the end of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 released on September 2017 and it’s been going on for six years. Its restructure to a free-to-play format on 2019 was originally met with skepticism but it seems to have turned out wonderfully for Bungie. This introduced a slew of new players to the game who have been playing it since. The worry that Lightfall may be the end of Destiny 2 might worry other players but there’s still a bit of time before the last expansion.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is releasing on February 28, 2023. You should take the time to grab some of the best gear before the new expansion unfolds. There’s plenty to do before then so it doesn’t hurt to explore in advance.

Destiny 2 Lightfall

We hope this answers if Lightfall is the end of Destiny 2. Don’t worry there’s still some more planned for the future.