Lies of P: How to Beat Mad Donkey Boss

Lies of P How to Beat Mad Donkey cover

Mad Donkey is one of the early bosses you’ll encounter in Lies of P. This madman blames your creator, Geppetto, for the puppet uprising and has a moveset similar to yours, making him a sort of parallel. Don’t underestimate him just because he stands shoulder height with you. Here’s a guide showing you how to beat Mad Donkey in Lies of Pie.

How to Beat Mad Donkey in Lies of P

The best way to beat Mad Donkey is by using Fatal Attacks via a backstab. Like other grunts, he’s vulnerable to being backstabbed, which makes him unlike many of the other bosses. Dodge his attacks until you get to his side, and then press the prompt for a fatal attack. After a few backstabs, Mad Donkey will go down.

Mad Donkey seems to move like a player and is much faster than the previous boss encounter, Parade Master. He’ll swing melee combos with his massive broadsword, which you can block. However, watch out when he glows red because he’ll do an unblockable move that can only be negated by a dodge or a perfect block.

You’ll also want to go for Perfect Blocks when you can since this will leave him vulnerable enough to get on his back and use the Fatal Attack backstab on. Wait for the prompt to appear before pressing R1/RB/Left Click to initiate the backstab. However make sure not to miss the prompt as it’ll disappear pretty quickly once Mad Donkey starts to swing in your direction again.

After backstabbing the Mad Donkey a few times, he’ll go down without much trouble. Though he serves as an introduction to the other Stalker-type enemies you’ll encounter from here on out. When you beat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P, a cutscene will occur where an important character will leave the carriage on the bridge you fought this boss on.

Lies of P Mad Donkey Boss Fight Rewards

After beating Mad Donkey, a cutscene will occur where you’ll get the following rewards after:

  • Enigma Assembly Tool
  • Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel (Outfit)
  • Mad Donkey’s Mask (Accessory)
  • Moonstone
  • Krat City Hall Key

Like the Survivor, Mad Donkey is one of the bosses that offer cosmetic rewards upon defeat. You can collect your own Lies of P costumes by defeating certain enemy types like this boss.