Lies of P: Broken Puppet’s Quest Guide

This guide talks about how to complete the Broken Puppet's quest line in Lies of P.

Lies of P Broken Puppet cover

The Broken Puppet is one of the characters in Lies of P . It is a puppet that has its ego awakened, however, it’s in a broken state that it can no longer go out of the dump, but it still wishes to learn how to feel like a human.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Broken Puppet’s quest line in Lies of P.

How to complete the Broken Puppet Quest

You will meet the Broken Puppet at the Barren Swamp Stargazer. Talk to it and it will ask you to teach it some emotions. You can teach it through the use of gestures by talking to the Broken Puppet and choosing the option that shows the gesture. Only unlocked gestures will appear on the choices.

You only need to show it four particular gestures, and after doing so, you will be rewarded with a Quartz on your first run, or a Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant on succeeding runs.

How to get the Gestures for the Broken Puppet

Gestures are often rewarded by completing side quests or just by talking to certain characters during specific times.

Clap Gesture

The Clap Gesture can be obtained by retrieving the portrait of Geppetto’s son from the Malum District after defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Chapter 5, then bringing the portrait back to Geppetto. Once the portrait is hung, you will be rewarded with the Clap Gesture.

Sad Gesture

The Sad Gesture can be obtained after completing the side quest given by Julian the Gentleman in Rosa Isabelle Street during Chapter 6. Julian will ask a memorabilia of his wife who can be found just past the theater bridge in the same area. You can get the Wedding Ring from her body and take it back to Julian. He will then ask you a question where you can choose to lie to him. He will then give you back the Wedding Ring and also reward you with the Sad Gesture.

Anger Gesture

The Anger Gesture can be obtained after talking to Antonia in the aftermath of the attack on Hotel Krat in Chapter 9.

Happy Gesture

The Happy Gesture can be obtained after talking to Test Subject 826 in the Arche Abbey Outer Wall in Chapter 11.