Like a Dragon: Ishin! adds Kenny Omega & Rahul Kohli

Two Popular Icons Will Make Their Cameo in Like A Dragon Ishin!


Like A Dragon: Ishin is one of the biggest remakes of SEGA to be not only released for Japan but also worldwide. Recently, 2 new trailers were uploaded and SEGA announced that two popular icons will be making their cameo in Like A Dragon Ishhin.

It is confirmed based on the trailer uploaded by SEGA that wrestling icon and former AEW champion, Kenny Omega and Netflix actor, Rahul Kohli will be part of the 6 special guests in the form of Trooper cards that Sakamoto Ryoma can use to gain abilities and power-ups. These Trooper cards will be available for free to download as the game

Kenny Omega Trooper Card

  • The Essence of the One-Winged Angel
    • A strapping fighter who’s traveled through space, time, and reality to serve the Shinsengumi. It’s said that his elite skills can summon the stars themselves.
    • Effect: Cuts down foes with the slashes of his angel’s wing.

Rahul Kohli Trooper Card

  • The Essence of Firestorm
    • A chivalrous man who’s traveled through space, time, and reality to serve the Shinsengumi. Draws upon his experience in law enforcement to keep the peace.
    • Effect: Incinerates enemies with fiery waves of righteous anger.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 21, 2023. If players want to know more about Like A Dragon Ishin, please read the following articles below:

Check out these SEGA trailers below of Kenny Omega and Rahul Kohil in Like A Dragon Ishin