Loba Pirate Legendary Skin – Legends in the Raiders Collection Event

Loba Pirate Legendary Skin

It’s going to be a pirate adventure this coming December 7th as Apex Legends Season 11 brings us treasure hunting in Storm Point. And what better treasure hunter than our infamous thief, Loba, who’s here to show her appreciation for the even with an all new pirate legendary skin!

Here’s how you get this Loba legendary pirate skin for yourself.

How to Get Loba Pirate Legendary Skin

Apex Legends has always been known to have some very expensive prices for their event skins. And this Loba Pirate Legendary Skin most likely won’t be any different.

Loba Pirate Legendary Skin

The good news is if you’ve saved up on Crafting Materials, then you’ll probably be able to use those to craft the Pirate Legendary Skin for Loba. Unlike the normal Legendary Skins for the Apex Legends characters that you get, this special event skin will probably cost more crafting materials.

For reference, normal Legendary Skins you can find on the Legends page would cost about 1,200 crafting materials. Event skins as glorious as the Loba Pirate Legendary would most likely cost twice that much at 2,400 crafting materials.

You can also buy the Pirate Legendary Skin for Loba at around the same Apex Coins you can purchase using real life money. It’ll most likely sit at around 2,400 Apex Coins as well.

Loba Pirate Legendary Skin Details

Loba Pirate Legendary Skin will be available for crafting with Crafting Materials or purchase with Apex Coins on December 7, 2021 during the Legends in the Raiders Collection Event.

If you’ve wanted to portray Loba as the treasure loving thief that she is, then a pirate costume suits her just perfectly. Never mind how clashing it is with the winter season to take place in a tropical island with pirates.

Loba Legendary Pirate Skin seems to be ingrained with her wolf motif. You can see wolf shoulder pads on her person and a bandana to give her a more roguish look.

Loba Pirate Legendary Skin

Loba isn’t alone either on this event. A lot of the legends in the game will also have their own unique cosmetic skins that will cost an arm and a leg. Wattson will finally be getting her own heirloom! So that’s more to look out for.

Loba Twitch Prime Skin

If you want more skins for Loba, there will be an upcoming one this December for Twitch Prime subsribers.

A pink skinned Loba can be claimed by those subscribed to Twitch Prime. Although we have no real date as to when this Twitch Prime Loba skin will be dropping, we do know that it will be this December.

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