Lords of the Fallen (2023) Empyrean Grenade Location

The Empyrean Grenade in Lords of the Fallen is a holy tool for healing allies and harming foes. Here's how players can find it.

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The Empyrean Grenade is one of the Lords of the Fallen throwables that is filled with holy water. It can heal allies and damage enemies while lowering their resistance to holy damage. This ammo type also comes heavy into play in saving a petrified woman you find at the Forsaken Fen.

Read ahead as we give you the location and detail all the steps needed to find the Empyrean Grenade in Lords of the Fallen (2023).

Where to find the Empyrean Grenade

You can find Empyrean Grenade at Pilgrim’s Perch. Head to the Sanctuary of Baptism/Vestige of Chabui and climb the ladder on the left of the large gate. When you reach the top, cross the wooden beam and go left. Destroy the boxes just past the ladder, and then pull out your Umbral Lamp to get past the steel bars. You’ll find the Empyrean Grenade in front of the dead soldier.

Cross the wooden beam in Sanctuary of Baptism

Right before the area you face, Scourged Sister Delyth, the top area where the wooden beam you cross has a secret room that can be passed if you’re in Umbral. You’ll find the Empyrean Grenade past the steel bars, which will only be there on the Axiom Realm.

Lords of the Fallen - Empyrean Grenade Location

Once you pick up the Empyrean Grenade, it’s yours, and it can be recharged using Ammo Pouches, which can be found all over and purchased for 500 Vigor from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis, over at the Skyrest Bridge hub. It’ll also carry over to your Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus playthrough.

How to Use the Empyrean Grenade

Equip the Empyrean Grenade from your inventory along with your Throwing Hand. Press the Up button on the D-pad to switch to your Throwing Hand from the Umbral Lamp. Then aim with the L2/LT button and press either R1/RB to throw it.

The Empyrean Grenade has 2 ammo costs per use. If you want to increase the amount of charges before needing to refill it.

The Empyrean Grenade can be extremely useful later down the line. It can be used to save the petrified woman, Kukajin, in Forsaken Fen. If you don’t have any Radiant magic you can use, such as the Sanctify spell, then using the Empyrean Grenade will work.

After you’ve freed her from her petrified state, talk to her to retrieve Wilmarc’s Catalyst. Equipping this catalyst allows you to cast spells that scale with your Radiant stat.