Lords of the Fallen (2023) New Game Plus Guide

Here's everything you can expect from the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus including what you get to keep and what changes.

Does Lords of the Fallen have New Game Plus? Much like other soulslike it actually does! New Game Plus is a feature that allows players to carry over progress to new playthrough that is present in Lords of the Fallen. You may be interested in seeing the different endings or wish to take on bosses again with everything you’ve learned from your previous playthrough. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you everything about the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus feature.

How to unlock New Game Plus

Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus can be unlocked upon beating the game at least once and obtaining any of the three unique endings.

  • Radiant – All beacons have been cleansed.
  • Rhogar – Not all beacons have been cleansed.
  • Umbral – Completed a quest where you enter a hidden area in the Umbral Realm and used Seedpods to kill specific NPCs.

You’ll then be asked a new game after the ending cutscene. Be warned that accepting New Game Plus immediately will overwrite your current saved file.

What carries over in New Game Plus

Starting the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus carries over almost all of your progress from the previous playthrough. Here’s what you can expect to keep on your New Game Plus:

  • Stats: You maintain your character level and attributes.
  • Gear Pieces: Weapons, Armor, Shields, Accessories, and etc., will be carried over.
  • Upgrades: All upgrades to equipment such as weapons, armor, Umbral Flask, and Sanguinarix are carried over.
  • Upgrade Materials: Unused Delarium Ores, Umbral Eyes, Rebirth Chrysalis, and Blacksmith Runes remain in your inventory.
  • Magic: You’ll be able to cast any spells you’ve learned from your previous playthrough and runes to slot into equipment.
  • Currencies: Any unspent Shrine Currencies, Vigor and, Umbral Scouring carries over.
  • Cosmetics: Armor Tincts and Gestures

What doesn’t carry over in New Game Plus

In order to start New Game Plus, there are some things you’ll have to leave behind from your previous Lords of the Fallen playthrough:

  • Key Items: Key items needed to proceed through the game have to be reacquired.
  • Quest Items: All items in the Quest tab will be gone requiring you to reacquire them again.
  • Upgrade Materials: All upgrade materials except for unused Delarium Ores, Umbral Eyes, Rebirth Chrysalis, and Blacksmith Runes will not carry over.
  • Unlockable Functions: You’ll have to once again give NPCs specific items in order to gain access to additional functions such as the Bowl of Remembrance for Molhu in order to exchange Remembrance boss items.
  • Boss Remembrances: You’ll have to fight and defeat all the Heresy bosses once more to gain their Remembrances.

New Game Plus Changes

Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus introduces a couple of new changes that aren’t present on your first playthrough. For starters, you unlock new classes based on what ending you get:

  • Radiance Ending: Radiant Purifier
  • Inferno Ending: Lord
  • Umbral Ending: Putrid Child

In addition, enemies will also be tougher in New Game Plus. They have more health and deal more damage. Lords of the Fallen bosses will also be harder to beat as you have to earn their Remembrance all over again which you can use with Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge.

The entire world is reset so you can once again retake quests for NPCs and gain the rewards associated. However unique items you reacquire through loot or rewards as duplicates will instead be substituted for Vigor or Umbral Scouting.

By the far the biggest change is the Vestige Waypoints which are now all destroyed except for the one in Skyrest Hub. You won’t be able to interact with them from the Axiom Realm anymore. Instead you’re given these Vestige Seeds which you can use to setup waypoints. They’re a pain to get since Vestige Seeds can only come from Sinner boss drops or using precious Vestige points to purchase the resource from Molhu at the Skyrest hub in the Umbral Realm. Waypoints you create with Vestige Seeds also overwrite your previous placements so be careful where you place them.

Should you immediately go New Game Plus?

After beating the game and witnessing any of the three endings, Lords of the Fallen will ask you if you want to try New Game +1 after the final cutscene. You shouldn’t accept this prompt just yet as this will overwrite your saved file and you’ll wind up missing out on important items you can still get.

Take the time to explore Mournstead to pick up what you missed out on your current playthrough before moving on. Don’t worry as you’re still able to start New Game Plus at any point by interacting with any vestige waypoint.

In case you forget to do something important, it’s important to create a backup of your saved file so you can go back to it at any time. There’s a way to do this on PC by accessing the directory folder location of where Lords of the Fallen saves are stored.

Open File Explorer and type in the following on the search bar at the top: “C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\LOTF2\Saved\SaveGames” and this will take you to where Lords of the Fallen saved files are stored. Copy all of the .sav files such as GeneralSave, GeneralSaveBackup, Save00, and SaveBackup and then past them in a different folder. Whenever you want to roll back to before you started New Game Plus, you can go back to the same folder directory location and overwrite the recent .sav files with the ones you backed up.