Lords of the Fallen (2023) Max Level: Level Cap

Does Lords of the Fallen have a max level?

Reaching the max level in Lords of the Fallen is no easy feat. However, those wanting to reach the highest heights might find that there might be a level cap that sets the limit of just how strong they can become. What’s really important is the stat increases you get per leveling up which have soft caps.

What is the max level in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen technically has no max level cap so you can theoretically level up forever. It’s important to note that the stats do not automatically increase per level and you have to manually assign points. The issue is when you hit the soft caps of each stat that give you diminishing returns.

Stat Caps Breakdown:

  1. Damage & Magic Stats:
    • Soft Cap: 50/75
    • Hard Cap: 100 (although, beyond 75, there’s limited benefit)
  2. Vitality & Endurance Stats:
    • Soft Cap: 40/60
    • Hard Cap: 100 (but it can increase beyond this; the gains are just minimal)

There are six stats each in Lords of the Fallen and each of them are hard-capped at 100. Because of this, you’ll only reach about Level 540 at best even if you pick the class with the lowest stats, Condemned, which starts at Level 1 and has each stat at 9 already. Once you reach around Level 540, depending on the class you pick, you can’t invest in the stats any more due to reaching the hard cap.

It takes quite a while to reach Level 100 in Lords of the Fallen and you don’t need to max out your character to beat the game. Pay attention to the Lords of the Fallen stat soft caps so you know which attribute you want to increase every time you spend precious Vigor to level up.

How to level up

  1. Focus initially on your main damage stat, vitality, and endurance.
  2. Balance these stats until you reach 75 for damage and 60 for vitality/endurance.
  3. Next, allocate points to other damage types until they hit 75.
  4. From there, raise everything to 100.
  5. Any additional points can be distributed between vitality and endurance beyond 100. But remember, the benefits are minimal.

You can level up at any Vestige by spending Vigor you collect from defeating enemies, selling items to vendors, or consuming Vigor Skulls. Under Upgrade Character you’ll see how much Vigor is required to level up on the top left corner of the screen represented by a purple bar.

Your character’s level and stats will carry over to New Game Plus. Though the required Vigor needed to level up once you reach higher levels will be more demanding. You’ll have to carefully manage which stat you want to increase according to your build. You’re able to respec your stats by talking to Pieta at the hub after you’ve beaten her boss form. However, it will cost you Rebirth Chrysalis which is being sold for 8,000 Vigor from Molhu in the Umbral Realm or if you’re lucky you can find it by traveling around.

It’s challenging to level up in Lords of the Fallen as dying means losing any Vigor you’re carrying. You can reacquire it if you manage to return to where you died but if you die again before doing so, it’s gone for good. To avoid this, you’ll have to level up at any Vestige whenever the chance presents itself.