Lords of the Fallen (2023) Stat Soft Caps Guide

Everything about stat soft caps in Lords of the Fallen. Learn when you start to get diminishing returns per stat.

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In Soulslike games such as Lords of the Fallen stat soft caps can be a serious hindrance when it comes to building your character. These soft caps play a pivotal role in understanding how much you can invest in a certain stat as you level up before it no longer gives you as many benefits as before. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how stat soft caps work, the stat soft cap values, and how to respec your stats for Lords of the Fallen.

What are stat soft caps?

In Lords of the Fallen, Stat soft caps are certain thresholds in character attributes (stats). Once this threshold is reached, there’s a diminishing return on any further improvement to that attribute. If you keep investing points to a stat that’s already reached a certain limit, you’ll start to see diminishing returns. A good example of this would be if you keep increasing your Strength stat and it goes beyond the soft cap where it will no longer give you as much damage output as it did before.

Soft Cap Values For Each Stat

Stats in Lords of the Fallen have more than one soft cap, meaning that they’ll continue giving diminishing returns as you continue investing in them. Here are the soft cap values for each stat:


Soft Cap 

Hard Cap 


20, 40



20, 40














Vitality (HP):

  • First soft cap: 20 (Up to this point, leveling up provides substantial returns; after this, returns diminish.)
  • Second soft cap: 40 (Further reduced returns.)
  • Third soft cap: 60 (Returns diminish even more.)
  • Beyond 60, only about 5 points are gained per level up to a maximum of 99. After 99, it’s a hard cap, meaning no further increase is possible.

Endurance (Stamina & Weight):

  • First soft cap: 40 (Good returns up to this point.)
  • Second soft cap: 60 (Reduced returns.)
  • After 60, returns decrease further. Weight specifically has a soft cap at 40.

Strength, Agility, Radiance, Inferno (Offensive Stats):

  • These stats have soft caps at levels 50 and hard capped at 75.
  • Early in the game, I encourage players not to focus heavily on offensive stats. This is because the returns on these stats aren’t as significant until you get weapons with better scaling attributes.

Soft Caps refers to after reaching a certain point in a stat, you’ll see reduced benefits from adding more points. You can still continue to add points, but the gains will be less each time. On the other hand, a Hard Cap is the maximum limit for a stat. At this point, adding more points won’t give any benefit. Every stat has a hard cap at 99.

While it’s possible to max out these stats, doing so is a notable commitment. Typically, only players targeting the max level for their characters will attain this. For certain in-game classes, you’d need to approach roughly Level 540 to touch the 99 cap across every stat.

How to Respec Your Stats in Lords of the Fallen

To respec your stats, visit Pieta at the hub. Respecing requires a Rebirth Chrysalis for each attempt. Pieta’s services become available after you defeat her as “Pieta, She of the Blessed Renewal” near the Skybridge entrance.

Acquire Rebirth Chrysalis by purchasing from Molhu in the Umbral Realm at the hub for 8,000 Vigor or by exploring the Axiom and Umbral Realms, though they are a rare find.

Best Strategies for Leveling Stats

By recognizing and respecing these caps, players can optimize their character build and allocate points more efficiently, to get the most out of their attributes without wasting valuable points:

  • Prioritize Defensive Stats early game: Endurance is crucial for stamina and defense. For better survivability, it’s suggested to prioritize Vitality foremost for enhanced durability.
  • Early gameplay won’t benefit much from heavy investments in offensive stats due to limited weapon scaling.
  • Meet Minimum Weapon Requirements: For weapon requirements, players should only level up offensive attributes just enough to use the desired weapon. Any further leveling up should be done judiciously, keeping the soft caps in mind.
  • Players inclined towards fist weapons should consider boosting strength early for better damage output. Fist weapons have good scaling with strength.

Stat Attributes & What They Do

Here are the different types of stat attributes in Lords of the Fallen and what they do for your character build:

  • Strength – scales with weapons that use Strength, affecting how much damage it can deal. Improves overall physical defense and provides slight additional defenses against Holy, Fire, and Wither.
  • Agility – scales with weapons that use Agility like Daggers, Ranged Weapons, and Short Swords, affecting how much damage they can deal. Also provides slight additional defenses against Holy, Fire, and Wither.
  • Endurance – focuses on defense which is important for Heavy Weapons and Heavy Armor. Improves defense against physical damage, adds more stamina, and increases the amount of items you can carry.
  • Vitality – increases health points (HP) allowing you to take more damage before dying. Also provides a slight increase in the amount of items you can carry.
  • Radiance – scales with weapons that use Radiance, affecting how much damage it can deal. Improves your maximum Mana and makes casting Holy magic more potent. Gives you some slight defenses against Holy, Fire, and Wither.
  • Inferno – scales with weapons that use Inferno, affecting how much damage it can deal. Improves your maximum Mana and makes casting Fire magic more potent. Also gives you slight defense increases against Holy, Fire, and Wither.

Using our Stat Soft Caps guide above will allow you to get the most out of these attributes without wasting valuable points.