All Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy So Far

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The wizarding experience will not be complete without being able to see and encounter the different magical creatures that inhabit the land in Hogwarts Legacy. These are creatures that avid fans of the franchise are familiar with, coming from the books and several Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies.

In this guide, we have listed down all of the confirmed magical creatures that have appeared in Hogwarts Legacy trailers and gameplay showcases so far.


Beasts are creatures who inhabit the land, but do not possess enough knowledge or understanding about the laws of magic. Some beasts are are docile and tamable, but others are ferocious and can be deadly when encountered.


Owls are creatures who are known for their intelligence when it comes to place recognition and sense of direction, hence they are usually tamed to become postal carrier. The most famous owl is of course Hedwig, Harry’s own companion owl.


Mooncalves are creatures who only come out during full moon. They have long necks and huge bulging eyes. They’re usually prized for their dung which makes for a great fertilizer.


Kneazels are creatures that almost resemble real-life cats. They’re known for their keen sense which helps them sense the character or intention of a person. The most notable kneazel is Crookshanks who is Hermione’s pet.


Hippogriffs are mythical creatures that have a body of a horse, but a head and wings of an eagle. They can be dangerous when encountered in the wild, but they can be tamed and bred. It appears that hippogriffs will be one of the main ways of transportation outside the walls of Hogwarts.


Graphorn are large, four-legged creatures that have horns and tentacles at the end of its snout. It is a dangerous creature to encounter in the wild, but it can be tamed.


Trolls are huge, brute creatures that are known for their lack of intellect. Because of this, they are one of the creatures that can be easily controlled by the antagonists in the game, using them as soldiers.


Acromantulas are huge, tarantula-like creatures who are very hostile against other creatures. They are known to have a taste for human meat, but one acromantula named Aragog is surprisingly one of Hagrid’s companions, and therefore is not hostile against the giant.


Dragons are giant winged creatures that have aggressive natures and are mostly regarded as very dangerous. They are considered to be one of the creatures that cannot be tamed and have killed wizards, something that Hagrid may have disregarded having taken care of a dragon himself.

Golden Snidget

Golden Snidgets are bird-like creatures and were origin of the Golden Snitch used in Quidditch matches. Because of their frail body and their endangered state, they were replaced with the mechanical golden snitch instead.


Horklumps are creatures that resemble mushrooms and are often found living in patches and planted on the ground.


Nifflers are small creatures that are known for their inclination towards shiny stuff. Once they get fixated on an item they want, they will do anything that they can to get their paws on it. They also have a small belly pouch that they can use to store the stuff that they grab; no matter how much they stuff in it, their belly never gets bloated. The most famous niffler is Newt Scamander’s Teddy.


Fwoopers are bird-like creatures that have a close resemblance to owls. They have a very high-pitched tweet that can drive anyone who listens to it to insanity.


Dugbogs are toad-like creatures that resemble dead tree branches when they stay still. They are often considered as pests, especially when they get too close to mandrake farms.


Thestrals are winged creatures that resemble an almost skeletal horse. They can be tamed, but only those who have seen death firsthand can see thestrals. They are often used to carry students on carriages as another way of transportation.


Beings are creatures that possess intelligence to understand the magic arts. Apart from wizards and witches, there are some other creatures that exist whose knowledge of magic differ from each other.


Goblins are a race of creatures who are known for their intelligence and their mastery over metalworks. They are also good with finances, and so its goblins who are heading and managing the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Despite this, some wizards still think that they are a lesser race and are being treated poorly, which may have caused the goblin uprising that is one of the main plots of the game.


House-elves are creatures that are often seen as servants that work for wizards. Despite their frail appearance, house-elves are known to have magic of their own, some are even too powerful for wizards to wield. The most notable house-elf was Dobby.


Spirits are creatures who have basically dies, but still manage to exist and interact with the mortal world.


Ghosts are essentially dead people’s soul who continue to dwell within the living world. Some of them often exist alongside the faculty and students of the academy. The only reason that they were not considered as beings despite their knowledge of magic is because they prefer to have the affairs of the living and the dead to be separate.


Dark creatures are not placed under the three categories of creatures, but still play some role in the story, often as enemies that players can encounter in the game.


Inferi are reanimated corpses of dead humans through the power of Dark Arts. They are this world’s counterpart to zombies and due to them being undead and unfeeling, they do not feel pain and appear to be indestructible. Only with the use of fire can they be fully destroyed.


Dementors are dark creatures that are born from the strong negative emotions of other creatures. They also feed off humans, sucking out their souls until they become just husks, still alive but akin to being brain-dead. They cannot be directly destroyed by any other magic and can only be repelled, but using magic that affects human emotions can essentially cut the dementors off from their source of existence.


These are creatures that look like they belong to the other classifications, but are classified differently or are just not given a classification at all.


Despite looking like a living creature and actually possessing sentience, Mandrakes are still considered as living plants instead. If disturbed, mandrakes let out a high-pitched cry that can be fatal to those who get exposed to it.


Poltergeists are spirit-like creatures that usually haunt places. It is believes the Peeves, the poltergeist that haunt Hogwarts, was born out of the students’ mischief, and is also known to have came with the building.

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