Recruitable Mobs in Minecraft Legends

Charge into battle with your very own handpicked mobs in Minecraft Legends.

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Breaking apart from its original source material, there are recruitable mobs in Minecraft Legends that you can lead directly into battle as a commander. This is a crucial part of the strategic action gameplay that will make or break your army, so you need to know who to recruit for your team. Read on, and this guide will list all the mobs you can recruit in Minecraft Legends.

All Recruitable Mobs Minecraft Legends

Here are all the Minecraft Legends recruitable mobs that have been confirmed so far:

  • Golem – Cobblestone
  • Creepers
  • Golem – Grindstone
  • Mossy Golem
  • Piglin – Bruiser
  • Piglin – Flail Pig
  • Piglin – Gold Guard
  • Piglin – Grunter
  • Piglin – Piggo
  • Piglin – Portal Guard
  • Piglin – Runt
  • Golem – Plank
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies

Unlike in vanilla Minecraft, the mobs in Minecraft Legends will not be hostile to the player, with the exception of Piglin enemies. You can befriend the recruitable mobs we’ve listed above and recruit them into your army. According to the Minecraft developers blog, this is set in a utopia, which explains why most inhabitants are rather friendly.

The Minecraft Legends mobs all have their own functions. Skeletons, for example, excel at ranged archery. You can send in Creepers to break down enemy infrastructure. There are also different types of Golems new to the Minecraft world that have their own specialties: Cobblestone Golems can be melee bruisers; Grindstone Golems are great for being tanks; and Mossy Golems can heal your army so they can keep fighting.

Pretty much all of the recruitable mobs in this world are friendly except for the Piglin, which are responsible for invading the utopia and threatening the peace. You’re tasked with recruiting an army of your own to battle with these invaders and push them back.

Piglin Army - Recruitable Minecraft Legends Mobs

Minecraft Legends is set to come out on April 18, 2022, so we have yet to see all the recruitable mobs. It’ll be available for Game Pass subscribers, which can be pre-installed right now. We’ll update this article when we get the full list of Minecraft Legends mobs that you can recruit.

That’s all the confirmed Minecraft Legends recruitable mobs that are in the game. Feel free to check out our page for more Minecraft Legends news, features, and guides.

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