Best Hitting Settings for MLB The Show 22

Best Hitting Settings and Tips for MLB The Show 22

When it comes to batting, MLB The Show 22 provides gamers with a genuine experience. For newcomers to the MLB The Show franchise, or for those who can’t recall the settings they regularly use, the appropriate hitting strategy is critical. Getting into the batter’s box and discovering that the controls are all jumbled up is the worst.

The pursuit of becoming a better hitter can lead to exhaustion for players. The settings themselves can often make the biggest difference.

In MLB The Show 22, before you do anything at the plate, double-check that your hitting settings are set. At first glance, the appropriate hitting settings may appear insignificant, but they actually improve a player’s ability to see the ball and, therefore, their ability to time the pitch. So, what are the recommended settings?

What are the Best Hitting Settings in MLB The Show 22

What are the Best Hitting Settings in MLB The Show 22?

In MLB The Show 22, you may choose from three different hitting interfaces that will affect what you need to perform throughout each at bat. Below is a breakdown of the three different types of control:


For good reason, directional hitting is the default setting. Hitters that employ this technique will lean in the direction of the ball, allowing them to focus on one of nine distinct hitting zones (eight along the edges and the center). This location and the appropriate swing time are both necessary for making solid contact with the ball.

If a ball isn’t in one of the zones, directional hitting may not be as accurate as Zone hitting. It’s possible to make strong contact with a ball even if you’re only a few feet away from it, as long as you have the necessary attributes and gear.


Zone hitters are the most precise in the game. Players can swing from anywhere in the strike zone as long as the ball crosses their pointer. Ability to strike the ball anywhere in the zone while maintaining perfect centering has several apparent advantages and can help a player in Road to the Show improve faster.

It might be a severe drawback because of the level of expertise required. Even if they were reasonably close to the ball’s final location, those with poor contact numbers will miss it totally. For precise targeting, Zone hitters don’t have to cope with the finesse required by Zone hitters.


Timing couldn’t be simpler, just swing when the ball enters your zone; targeting is no longer necessary. Against high-level opponents, this is a critical flaw because it leaves the corners of the plate vulnerable and pitches low in the zone often result in ground ball outs, which is a major problem.

However, players are able to foresee pitches in order to alleviate some of this. This setting is best suited for folks who have never played a video game before, as it’s quite easy for newcomers to the series.

The best hitting interface in MLB  The Show 22 will be decided mostly by personal choice, while zone hitting is widely considered to be the most effective method for competitive play in general. As a result, you have the maximum level of control over where on the plate you aim your ball, whereas Directional leaves that decision up to the system, resulting in more popups and foul balls than you would otherwise have.

MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

In order to succeed in any of these game modes, you must be an excellent batter, as you will be unable to score any runs. You can rely on these MLB The Show 22 hitting tips to help you succeed when the time comes for you to take the field.

Custom Practice

Custom Practice - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

Custom practice is the finest place to work on your batting because you can construct any setting you can imagine. It doesn’t matter who you put on the mound or who you put at the plate. Using a 2nd and 3rd Runner to practice your situational hitting is an excellent idea.

Find your Preferred Hitting View

Find your Preferred Hitting View - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

If you just want to feel at ease at the bat, finding the appropriate hitting view is critical to your performance. There are a lot of other high-level online players who would agree that Strike Zone’s camera is the best option to use.

You do lose some presentation value by having the camera so close to the plate and zoomed in, but the benefit of having this camera is that it makes it much simpler to distinguish pitches, their placement, and the pitch break, among other things. The main benefit is that you’ll be able to see the ball more clearly, which should translate to better plays at the plate.

Customize Your PCI

Customize Your PCI - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

The PCI is the most significant aspect if you’re using the Zone hitting interface. Your PCI could need some tweaking to achieve the ball readings you want, but even with the standard settings, it’s possible that you’ll benefit from a custom PCI. You can change the PCI Center’s appearance, color, and transparency with the various toggles available. If you like, you can utilize the Diamonds in the middle of your PCI, but this is a matter of personal opinion. Our advice is to experiment with the settings until you find what works best for you.

PCI Anchor

PCI Anchor - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

In MLB The Show 22, there’s no reason to turn off the PCI Anchor. PCI Anchor users can now select from one of nine pre-set locations for the PCI zone interface in this year’s new addition to the PCI Anchor. This is ideal for those who find it difficult to locate pitches aimed at a specific spot.

Understand Feedback

Understand Feedback - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

The name of the Batter, Handedness, Attributes, Swing Timing, PCI, etc. can all be found in “The Feedback.” If you’re utilizing Zone Hitting, you’ll be looking at Feedbacks after every swing, so familiarize yourself with it. It’s a good idea to think of this as a tool to help you grow better and learn from your mistakes so you can improve your performance the next time.

Know your Weakness

Know your Weakness - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

In MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 22, you’ll find a feature that aims to help you become the best player you can be. To help you improve your hitting, Custom Practice lets you build your own training scenarios. Fastballs directly in the middle of the strike zone are a good place to start if you don’t know where your weak places are. In order to improve your time, use this method.

Then, when you’ve mastered this, it’s time to look at your game’s weaknesses. For example, if you have trouble against pitchers who are left-handed, you might practice against a lefty particularly. Alternately, if you have trouble hitting pitches outside of your comfort zone, create a practice scenario that focuses solely on pitches like these. To get better at hitting the ball, put in the time and effort, and you’ll see results.

Higher Difficulties

Higher Difficulties - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

You may want to lower the difficulty level in MLB The Show 22 if you’re having a hard time hitting the ball. Playing on Beginner or even Rookie is quite ok if you can’t even hit the ball at all. The fact that you may customize the batting and pitching difficulties completely means that if you’re more comfortable throwing the ball than hitting it, you can do so.

If you’re finding the game too difficult, we propose that you switch to the Dynamic difficulty setting. This will allow you to adjust the difficulty level of both throwing and batting, depending on your skill level. In other words, the difficulty will rise if you suddenly start hitting a lot of home runs, but if you can’t even make contact with the ball, it will reduce in difficulty. As you progress through the game, you’ll see this scale go up and down, so the difficulty should never feel too high or too low.

2 Strike Hitting

2 Strike Hitting - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

Don’t be afraid of going deep in the count and getting two strikes on the board at once. Most of the time in MLB The Show 22, people will throw any pitch in any count unless you’re at the very top of the game’s difficulty scale. In reality, few people are going to give much thought to Pitch tunneling and sqeuencing. To get the pitch of your dreams, you’ll have to take a few sliders in the zone. A two-strike count does not mean that every pitch must be swung at because of it. Be confident and trust your instincts at the plate.

Be Disciplined

Be Disciplined - MLB The Show 22 Hitting Tips

Since hitting in MLB The Show 22 requires a greater understanding of plate discipline, it’s not enough to just swing at every pitch. Don’t be caught swinging recklessly at every ball that comes your way, no matter what hitting interface you’re using. Make sure to check our guide for the Best Batting Stances in MLB The Show 22.

In Zone hitting, it may be advisable to set your PCI in a spot you’re comfortable with and wait for the ball to come towards it; you’ll lose out on several nice pitches, but you’ll have a far better chance of smashing the ball when you get your pitch. It’s also possible to target just one side of the strike zone. In order to make this method easier to implement, pressing the L3 button and using the PCI Anchor tool can help.

When it comes to hitting a baseball, even the best players in the sport’s history have had several at-bats where they came up empty-handed. Don’t allow the pitcher gain confidence in your swinging ability by swinging at every pitch thrown your way; instead, wait for your pitch and keep your calm. Make the most of the opportunities that come your way by focusing on the types of pitches you excel at.

That concludes our look at MLB The Show 22’s best hitting settings. If you like this Guide, check out our other MLB The Show 22 articles here.

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