MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Guide

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty and its temporary Supercharged bonuses began rolling out after Opening Day to a select few players. But more are on the way. MLB The Show 22, which came out on April 5th, 2022 provided fans with yet another game that has brand-new features for the Diamond Dynasty mode.

In contrast to some other series, like the current Madden games, Sony San Diego has maintained a constant set of features in MLB The Show 22. Current-gen hardware enhances the visual appeal, and new Diamond Dynasty features complete the package. MLB The Show 22 is full of new features, content updates and gameplay interactions for Diamond Dynasty fans this year.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Schedule

When it comes to what’s coming up, here is the current MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Schedule:

  • April 15, 2022: Jackie Robinson Day, new player program, Topps Now players arrive, first Lightning player reveal
  • April 29, 2022: New Featured Program, Faces of the Franchise ends
In the following weeks, we'll keep this page up-to-date with the latest releases and events.
MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Tips for Starters

The game features several MLB The Show 22 Game Modes, each of which earns you experience points that will help you progress through the game. With each level of advancement in Programs, you’ll gain access to additional Diamond Dynasty special cards that can be used to obtain new equipment and sponsorships, or unlock content that can be used for other game modes.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Walkthrough

Here’s a Diamond Dynasty walkthrough guide to help you get started in collecting cards and putting together your dream team:

  1. Complete Diamond Dynasty Tutorial
    • Follow instructions and browse through the menu and game options.
    • Open your first The Show Packs by going to Shop > Packs > Open Packs
  2. Setup your starting squad, adjust your Diamond Dynasty lineup
    • You can change your team’s lineup and rotation by going to Home > Manage Squad.
    • Or using the Options button, you can select Generate Best Squad if you want a rapid roster fill-in. This eliminates the need for you to select individual players for each position on your team because the top players at each position will automatically be selected.
  3. Customize your Diamond Dynasty Uniform
    • Using the Logo Editor, you can design your own logos or use one from the Logo Vault.
  4. Play Diamond Dynasty Matches
    • You can choose between single player and mulitplayer modes.
    •  Go to Programs, and select mode under the Play tab.
  5. Complete Diamond Dynasty Collections
    • Unlock several he Show Packs and MLB players as you continue through the Diamond Dynasty career mode.
    • Starter Collections are a good place to start for those who are just getting into the game.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Modes

Single Player Diamond Dynasty Mode

  • Conquest – is a game mode under Diamond Dynasty where you get to pit your created team against other CPU teams across the entire map of a country. The main objective of this game is to take over every tile in the map and the way you can do that is to win a game in that tile to obtain more fans. The more tiles that you acquire, the more fans that you get and the more reinforcements that you can use to conquer the map.
  • Mini Seasons – is a single-player miniature league in which you compete against other players’ lineups from across the world to win a Mini Seasons Championship with your Diamond Dynasty team.
  • Play vs CPU – prizes can be won by taking on any real-life MLB team with a custom fantasy team. The more challenging a game is, the more likely it is that you may get a rare award.
  • Mini Seasons – is a single-player miniature league in which you’ll battle against other players’ lineups from all over the world for the Mini Seasons Championship with your Diamond Dynasty team.

Online Multiplayer Diamond Dynasty Mode

  • Battle Royale – is a draft-themed mode where you pick your favorite players to ensure a level playing field. If you lose two games in a row, you’ll be kicked out, but you’ll get more money dependent on your winning streak.
  • Casual – is a free to play a nine-inning game with anybody you want online.
  • Co-Op – an online mode where you combine your Diamond Dynasty card collections with those of your friends to build the perfect online roster.
  • Events – Compete against other players in order to discover new items in your inventory. A winning team will help the program grow if you put together a team that meets the event’s requirements.
  • Play vs Friends – Your Diamond Dynasty roster can be used to play against friends in an unranked and customized arena.
  • Ranked Seasons – By winning matches against online opponents and progressing through the various categories, you can advance to higher levels. Rewards and bonuses are earned for every level progressed.

Tips for Beginners in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is the card-based mode in MLB The Show 22 where you collect cards and try to build the best baseball team possible. While this mode certainly favors players willing to spend a little money, there are ways to put together a top team by just playing the game. Here are a few tips to help build out your dream team in Diamond Dynasty.

Open Up Any Packs That You Have - MLB The Show 22

Open Up Any Packs That You Have

Diamond Dynasty still has a goal of collecting packs to open for additional cards to round out your squad, and there are a variety of methods to play with your final team in the game.

Prior to beginning any new game, players should check their inventory to see whether any packs have been opened as a pre-order bonus or as a result of moving through various game types in Diamond Dynasty’s progression program.

Begin completing as many collections as you can as soon as you’re confident that everything is ready.

Complete Starter Collections for Rewards - MLB The Show 22

Complete Starter Collections for Rewards

When it comes to Diamond Dynasty, collections are a significant component of the game. Some collections might take weeks or even months to finish, but you’ll gain additional prizes for even partially completing them, and occasionally those awards will allow you to complete even more collections.

The other major way to gain access to new cards is by completing the various Programs in Diamond Dynasty, each of which has specific missions and tasks to complete, while the Featured Program not only has missions but also receives Gameplay XP for every game you play in any mode across MLB The Show 22, which is a significant amount of experience.

Sell Unused Cards - MLB The Show 22

Sell Unused Cards

When starting Diamond Dynasty, what is the best way to dispose of any unused cards that you may have? There are a variety of options. You may sell or feed them to your created player or keep them to complete your collections.

To win in Diamond Dynasty, you need to open packs of cards and acquire the greatest players you can afford. In addition, this implies that you’ll end up with a lot of cards for people who you either don’t need or have stronger players in that role. Sell Now and Quick Sell will be available for numerous cards in MLB The Show 22. It’s a good idea to select the Sell Now option if you have a buyer in mind and want to get the most Stubs for your card. Having the option to “Quick Sell” has certain benefits, but you should always choose for getting the best price.

Find the Best Deals on the Marketplace 1 - MLB The Show 22

Find the Best Deals on the Marketplace

The marketplace in Diamond Dynasty is one of the most essential aspects of the game. Purchasing cards in packs is less expensive, but you can be sure of what you’re receiving if you go via the marketplace. To acquire a top-tier card, you won’t be spending a few hundred thousand Stubs. Instead, utilize the filters to narrow down the selections.

Various criteria, such as minimum and maximum ratings and costs, can be used. Filters may be adjusted based on how much money you’re prepared to pay, what position you’re looking for, and what a decent rating boost is. Stubs may be maximized by ensuring that you are receiving a large enough rating increase. Third basemen below the 85-score range are not worth adding to a team with an 80-score third basemen. Find lower-priced players after you’ve defined your criteria. You won’t have a squad full of superstars, but you will have a solid team to continue playing Diamond Dynasty and win more stubs.

Check Player Ratings - MLB The Show 22

Check Player Ratings

Opening a lot of player packs and analyzing a lot of cards is the only way to build the best Diamond Dynasty squad. Have a broad notion of what your team’s player rating is to save yourself time and frustration. A 65-rated starting pitcher doesn’t need to have his stats checked if you know off-hand that everyone in your rotation has a rating higher than 70. As your rating rises, it’s more important to take the guy with the higher rating, but in the beginning, it’s virtually always better to go with the better-rated player.

Check out Mini Seasons and Showdown Mode

Mini Seasons, in which your Diamond Dynasty team competes against other teams in a tiny season, are a great way to quickly rack up Stubs. You move through programs and earn Stubs rapidly by playing three-inning games in a short season. In addition to being one of the simplest single-player Diamond Dynasty modes, this is also a shorter version of conventional baseball. The only problem with fielding a young team in this mode is that the competition will have more talented players. If you don’t want to have to dig through your wallet, you’ll have to make some Stubs.

As a bonus, you may play Showdown mode and gain access to the stronger player cards without actually owning them. Showdowns each have their own set of challenges to fulfill before they can be put to the ultimate test in a final Showdown. To begin, players select a team and perform challenges to collect bonus cards and rewards for their efforts. One of Showdown’s downsides is that there is a start-up fee and if you do poorly enough, you may end up with a negative balance.

Alongside the new features, players will be able to use a variety of equipment in MLB The Show 22. For the first time ever, The Show 22 features more than 1,400 live series players as well as 190 legendary and flashback players and more than 300 different pieces of equipment (including 60 stadiums, 20 bat skins, and more). According to Sony San Diego, further content will be released after the first month of the game’s debut and further into the game’s longevity. Diamond Dynasty will now be even more enjoyable for MLB The Show 22 veterans and newcomers alike, thanks to the addition of these new features.

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