How to Play Steven Universe MultiVersus

Steven Universe MultiVersus is a support fighter that protects his allies through thick and thin. This titular character has inherited the powers of his Gem mother that he can use to defend his allies. This guide will teach you all about playing as Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Steven Universe Guide

Steven Universe is one of the hardest fighters to master in MultiVersus. Support fighters are usually rather difficult to use due to their skills in this game that makes them reliant on their partners to deal damage. However, Steven stands out from Velma and Reindog as he has offensive capabilities as well making him arguably the best Support fighter in the game.

At the time of this writing, Steven the only fighter in MultiVersus with the ability to block attacks. His passive special, Unbreakable Bonds, absorbs incoming hits. This is one of Steven’s best assets as it creates a bubble that can absorb hits for up to three times. When the bubble is active, enemies will not be able to pass through you.

This bubble also blocks attacks for his teammates. So long as Steven Universe is using Unbreakable Bonds, your allies will have a protective barrier around them. The tradeoff is that the damage absorption limit is shared between them.

What you need to know about his Steven is that he can stack Rose’s Gaze against enemies. When dealing certain attacks, you’ll see a rose icon on top of enemy players. Once you deal a hit up to ten times, the enemy player gets trapped in a bubble and floats to the top unable to do anything.

How to Play Steven Universe MultiVersus

A lot of Steven Universe MultiVersus abilities give out support for allies. However they need to be positioned correctly in order to take affect. His Shield Wall for example can give his ally armor but the projectile has to pass by them. Steven can also create platforms that the whole team can use.

That being said, Steven’s basic attacks aren’t really all that impressive. He has good offensive capabilities for a support fighter but can’t effectively go toe-to-toe with bruisers if you opt to fight up close. At least without an ally.

How to Unlock Garnet MultiVersus?

You have to purchase Steven Universe to unlock him in MultiVersus. Unlocking Steven will cost you about 3,000 Gold or 700 Glemium. Alternatively, you can use a character ticket to unlock him which are usually found in Founder Packs.

However if Steven Universe is currently in the free rotation period that changes per week, then you can play as him without having to unlock Steven with Gold, Glemium, or Character Tickets.

Steven Universe MultiVersus Specials

Steven Universe MultiVersus Specials

  • Bubble Boy! (Neutral Special): Steven Universe throws a tether as a projectile that is attached to Steven. After a second, the tether explodes and enemies who are hit get stacked with Rose’s Gaze. The tether projectile can also attach to allies for more control.
  • Shield Wall, Activated! (Side Special): Steven charges before firing a shield wall as a projectile that blocks enemies. When this projectile passes by allies, it grants them armor for a brief time. When used on cooldown, Steven will instead do a dash kick forward.
  • Shield Stepper (Up Special): Steven dashes upward with his shield creating a platform for his allies. The platform is limited to only 1 at a time.
  • Watermelon Steven, Go! (Down Special): Steven Universe plants a watermelon to the ground that creates an area which heals allies. After a short period of time, the watermelon explodes and brings Watermelon Steven as an ally that can help your team in a fight.
    • X-Treme Moves! (Down Special, Midair): Steven uses his shield a surfboard to dive down. He will bounce upwards if he hits an enemy. This allows him to combo a dive kick before landing and sliding on the ground.

MultiVersus Steven Universe Perks

Steven Universe will gain perks as you play as her and level her up. Here are all of Steven Universe MultiVersus perks:

  • Triple Jump (Level 2): Steven and his team gets an extra jump after successfully hitting an enemy midair.
  • Collateral Damage (Level 4): Steven and his team gets 1 additional damage when enemies are knocked back to walls or the floor.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6): Steven can borrow a perk from his ally.
  • Slippery Customer (Level 7): Steven and his team receives 10% longer invulnerability window upon dodging.
  • Bounce Bubble (Level 8): Enemies receive longer hitstun period and increased velocity after knockback into platforms or walls created by Steven.
  • Green Thumb (Level 9): Watermelon Steven will grow larger and deal more damage if kept alive for longer periods.
  • Ice to Beat You! (Level 11): Steven and his allies inflict 1 Ice debuff stack to enemies that are knocked back.
  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (Level 12): Steven and his allies receive a 7% ability cooldown when knocked back by projectiles.
  • Up, Up, and A-Slay (Level 13): Steven and his allies receive a 5% increase in damage when enemies are knocked back upwards.

You can equip these perks before a fight starts at character selection.

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This is our guide for How to Play Steven Universe MultiVersus. We hope you found this article to be informative. We have more MultiVersus content to check out.

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