How to Play Morty in MultiVersus

Becoming the ultimate Morty MultiVersus fighter means fighting through the roster of fighters to become the One True Morty. This Morty is more than just a sidekick to his grandpa as he combines everything he’s learned from hostile universe to pummel opposition out of the arena. This guide will teach you everything about how to play Morty in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Morty Guide

Morty is a bruiser who has access to support class abilities which makes him sort of a hybrid. He also has access to a lot of ranged attacks which grant him good opportunities to come close and deal more damage.

Morty has Sci-Fi Explosive Technology as his passive. This passive give Morty grenades that he can use for offensive purposes or to support his teammates. This will also tie into many of Morty’s specials giving it a lot of versatility.

MultiVersus Morty Specials

  • It’s A Grenade, I Think (Neutral Special): Morty throws a grenade projectile. He can throw multiple grenades until he’s out of ammunition.
  • Power of Earth! (Side Special): Morty can call a pillar from the ground to shield him from the front. This special can be charged to push the pillar further away from Morty. If the pillar hits a Grenade, the Grenade splits into two grenades.
    • Another Portal? (Air Side Special): Morty is granted armor and peeks into a portal before hopping inside. Holding the side special input will aim where Morty will come out on the other side. Once Morty goes through, his exit portal will remain and will increase the speed of ally projectiles that pass by it.
  • Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Up Special): A space ship gets called that can act as a platform which moves upward.
  • Temporal Back Up (Down Special): Morty creates a save point in his current position. After some time, he will teleport to this position and slightly heal himself including nearby allies. You can activate the teleportation early by pressing the down special again which leaves a grenade at Morty’s location. If an ally is about to be knocked out of the ring while Temporal Back Up is active, they’ll instead be teleported to Morty.

Many of the specials for Morty MultiVersus make him seem like a support character. However these are great setups for being able to make risky maneuvers while keeping safe. Keep in mind that these attacks can really benefit if you have grenades so you might not want to use Morty’s passive special to chuck them away mindlessly.

How to Play Morty MultiVersus

Morty MultiVersus Perks

Morty will gain perks as you play as him and level him up. Here are all of the perks for Morty MultiVersus:

  • Armor Crush (Level 2): Fully charged attacks break enemy armor.
  • Back To Back (Level 4): Your team receive 6% less damage when near each other.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6): Morty can borrow a perk from an ally.
  • Fancy Footwork (Level 7): Morty and his allies receive a 5% increase in dodge distance.
  • I’m More Than Just A Hammer (Level 8): When Morty summons Hammer Morty, he will spin around multiple times hitting enemies close by.
  • Oh That’s Still A Grenade: (Level 10): Grenades have more explosive radius depending on the cook. Grenades thrown by allies will always be at maximum explosive radius.
  • Deadshot (Level 11): Projectiles deal 5% increased damage for your team.
  • Extra Fleeb Juice (Level 12): The Plumbus leaves the ground more squeeky clean.
  • Coffeezilla (Level 13): Morty and his allies receive 10% reduced ability cooldown.

You can equip these perks before a fight starts at character selection.

Tips for Playing Morty in MultiVersus

Morty has a lot of great mid-ranged attacks that will help you deal a good amount of damage from a safe distance if you know how to use it. You’ll need some coordination and awareness of Morty’s moveset to use to it to its fullest capabilities.

The best way to start encounters with Morty is by using It’s A Grenade, I Think (Neutral Special) to throw a grenade and then follow up with his Neutral Attack which shoots a laser that hones in on those grenades making them explode. If you have a good space between you and your enemy, you can use Power of Earth! (Side Special) to split the grenade into two pieces before using his Neutral Attack to detonate it for a better explosive radius.

Morty operates at his best when an ally is close, which can be a problem if you want to attack at a distance and your ally is a melee oriented fighter. With Morty’s passive ability, he can give nearby allies grenades by passing through them without consuming any of his ammo. This gives allies a short window to attack with increased damage. Grenades given to allies ignore attack decay scaling which is useful for setting up finishing blows.

You’ll be tempted to equip Morty with Oh That’s Still A Grenade which is his signature perk. Don’t bother for the Deadshot perk since Morty deals damage with the explosion rather than the projectile itself. Coffeezilla is another perk you’re going to want as the decrease in cooldown will allow you to use Morty’s specials more frequently.

Tips for Playing Morty in MultiVersus

That’s our guide for how to play Morty MultiVersus. We hope this article was informative. Stay with us because we have other MultiVersus guides for you.

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