Need for Speed Unbound Money Glitch (December 2022)

Need for Speed Unbound's Unlimited Money Farm for New Players.

Need for Speed Unbound Money Glitch

Shortly after Need for Speed Unbound’s release, players have already found a money glitch to fulfill their desires for the game’s top-tier car upgrades. Given the game’s wide selection of cars, it’s clear that a lot of cash will be required. As such, this guide will show you how to get an infinite supply of cash using the money glitch in NFS Unbound without ever having to do much of anything, so read on.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. The Developers have not clarified whether or not using a Money Exploit can result in a permanent ban, or if this is simply the way the game's settings function.

How to do the Money Glitch in NFS Unbound?

By taking advantage of this money glitch, you can consistently escape police chases while also making profits. Although evading police isn’t an ideal way to make money, right now it appears to be the most efficient approach to amass a tidy sum of money quickly. So here’s what you need to do:

The first thing you need to do is raise your “HEAT” to any level. The bigger the heat level, the more cash you can get. Simply raise heat levels by partaking in any events tied to your car’s class.

How to do the Money Glitch in NFS Unbound

Now, during a Police Chase, players will want to remember the location marked in the image above, since it will serve as a safe zone for all racers. You can use this location to get away from the police no matter what your Heat Level is.

Once there, keep a look our for a bridge and go beneath it, then hide near the ledge visible next to one of the bridge’s supports. See the image below for reference.

How to do the Money Glitch in NFS Unbound 1

The cops will give up their search if you park below this bridge on Southland Drive. This will allow racers to escape any police chase and keep going whatever time of day or night.

Escaping a heat level 5 pursuit grants you $2500, but you can gain up to $5000 on every escape by equipping the Getaway Driver Auxiliary “Super” part on your car. This increases the cash earned from cop chases, but decreases the time between cop reinforcement waves.

Simply follow the procedures below to

  1. Go to any garage and access the Rides Menu
  2. Select on Performance, then select on Parts
  3. Navigate over to the Auxiliary Tab, then purchase and equip the Getaway Driver “Super” part

Upgrading your Garage to “Super” costs $50,000, and purchasing the Auxiliary part will cost you $32,000. Eventually, gamers will be able to afford any vehicle they want and any performance upgrade they desire if they compete on the same day over and over again.

That’s our Money Glitch Guide in Need for Speed Unbound. For more Need for Speed Unbound content, we have more articles for you to check out.

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