Netflix Ultraman Final Season Announcement Trailer Raises the Stakes One Last Time

The Final Season of Ultraman Announced

Netflix Ultraman season 2 was recently launched last April 14th, 2022, and fans worldwide were shown a really amazing show and they showed their love for this new season. In a recent live stream event on the Ultraman Youtube Channel, the producers of the series have announced the 3rd season of the series and it will most likely be the final season of the whole Netflix Ultraman series.

The initial release date of the final season has yet to be announced but all we know is that it will be released next year 2023.

In the announcement trailer, we can see the main character of the series, Shinjiro Hayata donning the Ultraman suit given to him by his father’s allies and lying down flat unconscious with his chest piece beeping red nonstop signifying his life is in danger. Not only that, it is most likely that ULTRAMAN will be facing off with his greatest enemy, ZETTON in this final season as seen in the original manga series.

Netflix Ultraman Final Season poster

According to the producers, this final season of Ultraman was an original development from Season 2 and it is currently in the works. Not only that, fans will be excited at what ending of the final season will have too many Ultraman fans and who will be joining the final battle of the series.

livestream event

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