New Tekken 8 Story Trailer Reveals All-Out War Among Fighters

The Father-Son War has reached a whole new level

Tekken 8 Story Trailer Featured Image

With only one month left till the release of Tekken 8, fans have been preparing to see that this game will become one of the best fighting games for the start of 2024. Recently, Bandai Namco has revealed a Tekken 8 story trailer and fans will be able to know how huge the world has changed under the rule of Kazuya Mishima and the only one who can stop him is Jin Kazama.

Tekken 8 Story Trailer

In the trailer, it was revealed that the game takes place months after the defeat and death of Heihachi Mishima. As Kazuya continues his conquest of global domination using the military might of the G-Corporation, Jin is forced to use his devil powers to eliminate him. However, he can’t seem to access them as his ability to turn into the devil is lost. To regain them, he seeks help from the likes of Lars Anderson, Raven, Alisa, Lee Chaolan, and more.

Meanwhile, Kazuya has dominated almost 80 percent of the world and he makes a huge announcement regarding the state of the world by announcing the King of Iron Fist Tournament. This public declaration has attracted a lot of fighters around the world and sides have been chosen. Either to fight against Kazuya or join him, no one is safe. However, among the wreckage of the war, one unexpected fighter makes her return to the game and has been absent for almost 25 years, Jun Kazama.

Tekken 8 Demo Announcement

Also announced on the official social media post of Tekken, a demo version of the game will be released. Players will get a chance to play some of their favorite characters and explore what possible features the game will have upon its full release this coming January. The demo version of Tekken 8 is already out on the PS5. For the PC and Xbox Series X|S, it will be released on December 21, 2023.

Tekken 8 will come out on January 26, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X, and Series S. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and follow their official social media channels as weekly trailers will be uploaded.

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