Nightingale: Heart of the Elder Eoten Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete Heart of the Elder Eoten quest in Nightingale

Nightingale Heart of the Elder Eoten cover

Heart of the Elder Eoten is one of the main quests in Nightingale where the goal is to obtain an Elder Eoten Heart as part of building a Portal Stabiliser. This is one of the three quests that are part of the Gateway to The Watch quest from Nellie Bly. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Heart of the Elder Eoten quest in Nightingale.

How to unlock “Heart of the Elder Eoten” quest

The Heart of the Elder Eoten quest becomes available after talking to Nellie Bly and accepting the Gateway to The Watch quest. Nellie Bly can be found at the Desert Herbarium realm, by the portal ruins.

Obtain the Portal Stabiliser Component

Upon talking to Nellie Bly, she will request three components in order to build the Portal Stabiliser, one of which is the Elder Eoten Heart. The Elder Eoten Heart is a drop from hunting down an Elder Eoten, although there is a peaceful option that can be taken which involves making an offering in exchange for the component.

With this, there are two ways to go through with this objective: one is to simply kill an Elder Eoten to get the component, while the other is to seek Ludivine Saint-Clair’s help in making an offering in exchange for the component.

Hunting down the Elder Eoten will be the fastest way to obtain the component, however it cannot be encountered yet until you have unlocked the Hunt Card later on in the game. Also, you will be missing out on additional rewards, plus the hidden achievement that is only available through the peaceful method.

Ludivine Saint-Clair - Nightingale Heart of the Elder Eoten Quest Walkthrough

There is an optional quest called “Search for an Elder Eoten Expert” that you can take from Wilhelmina Sasse. This quest will simply reveal Ludivine’s realm, but you can simply bypass this quest and head to the Swamp Antiquarian realm where she can be found. Ludivine will be your guide to learn how to create an offering for the Elder Eoten.

Talk to Ludivine and accept the Potions for the Ailing quest line. In this quest line, you will be asked to prepare some Slight Curative Potions and prepare the Ritual Fabled Meat which will be the offering given to the Elder Eoten.

After acquiring the Ritual Fabled Meat, you will unlock the Holy Communion Achievement. You will then have to search for an Elder Eoten to give the offering to.

Elder Eotens spawn in the Forest Hunt realm, however they camouflage themselves within the forest. One way of finding one easily is to use the Track Legend enchantment, or to use the Spyglass. Elder Eotens look like a twisted old tree, as compared to regular Eotens which look like tall straight trees. Once you are in close proximity to one, you will also see their health bar appear on the top part of the screen.

Elder Eoten - Nightingale Heart of the Elder Eoten Quest Walkthrough

Before approaching an Elder Eoten, make sure to disarm your companion to prevent them from attacking the creature. Look for a chest held up by vines around the creature and place the Ritual Fabled Meat in it. The Elder Eoten Heart will then drop from the chest; pick it up to complete Ludivine’s quest line. Getting the heart through this method will not prevent you from being able to kill the Elder Eoten afterwards and obtaining a duplicate copy of the component.

Finally, bring the Elder Eoten Heart over to Nellie Bly to complete the quest. The component can also be turned in along with the other two components to lessen the trips to Nellie.

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