Nightingale: The Bishop’s Charm Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete The Bishop's Charm quest in Nightingale

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The Bishop’s Charm is one of the main quests in Nightingale where the goal is to obtain an Automaton Charm Oil as part of building a Portal Stabiliser. This is one of the three quests that are part of the Gateway to The Watch quest from Nellie Bly. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete The Bishop’s Charm quest in Nightingale.

How to unlock “The Bishop’s Charm” quest

How to unlock The Bishop's Charm quest in Nightingale

The Bishop’s Charm quest becomes available after talking to Nellie Bly and accepting the Gateway to The Watch quest. Nellie Bly can be found at the Desert Herbarium realm, by the portal ruins.

Obtain the Portal Stabiliser Component

Upon talking to Nellie Bly, she will request three components in order to build the Portal Stabiliser, one of which is the Automaton Charm Oil. The Automaton Charm Oil is a drop from hunting down an Automaton Bishop, although Nellie suggests that there may be a more peaceful solution to get the component without killing a Bishop; to this, she tells you about Victor Frankenstein who may have a method to do so.

With this, there are two ways to go through with this objective: one is to simply kill a an Automaton Bishop to get the component, while the other is to seek Victor Frankenstein’s help in making an offering in exchange for the component.

Hunting down the Automaton Bishop is the fastest way to go as they can be encountered in a low level biome such as the Desert Astrolabe realm (Gear Score 30). However, you will be missing out on additional rewards, plus the hidden achievement that is only available through the peaceful method.

Victor Frankenstein - Nightingale The Bishop's Charm Quest Walkthrough

As for the peaceful method of obtaining the Automaton Charm Oil, you will need to find Victor Frankenstein in his tower in the Desert Astrolabe realm and accept his Imitations of Life quest line. In this quest line, you will be tasked to gather specific materials from the Bound and from the Automatons. Afterwards, Victor will tell you how to create the Ritual See Nursery as an offering for the Automaton Bishop.

Once you have learned how to craft the Ritual Seed Nursery and have crafted one, report back to Victor in order to complete his entire quest line. The next step is to find an Automaton Bishop and hand over the offering to it.

Before approaching an Automaton Bishop, make sure to disarm your companion to prevent them from attacking the bishop. The Automaton Bishops, Rooks, and Pawns should be neutral to you unless they have been provoked. Once you’re close enough, the Bishop will project an altar where you can place the Ritual Seed Nursery as an offering. Doing so will make the Bishop drop the Automaton Charm Oil.

Finally, bring the Automaton Charm Oil over to Nellie Bly to complete the quest. The component can also be turned in along with the other two components to lessen the trips to Nellie. Also, handing over the offering to the Bishop will unlock The Doctor is Out Achievement; this will not prevent you from being able to kill the Bishop right after and obtaining a duplicate copy of the component.

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