How to Farm Unlimited Living Frigates in No Man’s Sky Endurance

A guide on how to find unlimited Living Frigates in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky Living Frigate cover

With the latest Endurance update focusing on the improvement of freighters and frigates, and with the previous Expedition 7 that introduced the Leviathan in the game, players of No Man’s Sky can now look for Living Frigates to add them into their growing space fleet. These cosmic megafauna roam the vast space and they can be invited to join a frigate fleet to go on expeditions.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to unlock these Living Frigates, and how to farm unlimited Living Frigates in this No Man’s Sky Endurance update indefinitely to look for the best ones to add to the fleet.

Complete the frigate management tutorial first

How to unlock Living Frigates in No Man’s Sky: Endurance Update

In order to get Living Frigates, you must first make sure that your freighter is capable of recruiting them to the fleet, which means you will have to go through basically the tutorial to frigate management. This can be initiated by talking to the Freighter Navigator which is the NPC standing at the central console of the ship’s bridge. You’ll then receive a task to construct a Fleet Command Room within the ship to be able to manage and dispatch your frigates on to expeditions.

Crafting a Fleet Command Room will require the following:

  • x60 Silver
  • x40 Gold
  • x10 Tritium

Choose a location within your ship’s build space and construct the command room in it. Once constructed, inspect the console within the command room to get the blueprints to craft Frigate Fuel.

Talk to the Navigator once more and you will then be able to send frigates on expeditions. Each starting freighter is usually accompanied by a single frigate, but if you managed to complete Expedition 7 and have already claimed the Leviathan Living Frigate, you will be able to send it to expeditions as well.

Recruit more frigates to be able to run more expeditions

You can recruit more of the regular frigates to help you with the expeditions by going towards a fleet of freighters and see if they have frigates who are willing to be recruited for a price. Recruitment can cost thousands or millions of units depending on the class of the frigate.

Depending on the strength/s of your available frigates, choose an appropriate expedition from the list and send your frigates off to do it. These expeditions will last for around 1 to 4 hours, and once they’re done, head over to your command room to get an expedition debriefing. At this point, you’ll receive loot from the expedition and complete the frigate management tutorial.

Also, the needed expedition checkpoints to unlock the Living Frigates will start appearing on expeditions done right after the tutorial, so it’s important to clear this tutorial first.

Look out for the Log Corruption during debriefings

How to get your first Living Frigate in No Man’s Sky: Endurance Update

Excluding the Leviathan, you will only be able to get a Living Frigate once you get the item called Dream Aerial. This item’s blueprint can only be obtained from a specific checkpoint in expeditions.

This checkpoint has a low probability of being encountered by your frigates within an expedition, so it is recommended to send out multiple fleets on expeditions at once, and choose missions that take longer to finish to get more opportunities for checkpoints (~20-hour expeditions).

Once you do your expedition debriefings, you may find that one of the entries will be corrupted and tagged as a loop iteration, referring to the previous Expedition where loop iterations were a thing. You will then receive the Dream Aerial blueprint which requires these materials for crafting:

  • x1 Solar Mirror
  • x3 Living Glass

The next step is to go into space while holding the Dream Aerial in your inventory to attract a Living Frigate. Simply ride your starship and activate your ship’s pulse drive flying towards any direction of open space. Eventually, you will receive an incoming transmission. Turn off the pulse drive and receive the hail to talk to the Living Frigate.

The Living Frigate will then ask a couple of questions and its final stats will depend on how you answer these questions. Once the conversation is done, you will be able to see the class and the stats of the frigate, and if you are happy with it, you can go ahead and recruit it to the fleet. Otherwise, you can do the same steps once more to look for another frigate.

Scouting for Living Frigates is repeatable

How to farm for more Living Frigates in No Man’s Sky: Endurance Update

If having an entire fleet of Living Frigates is your thing, or if you just want to look for the best Living Frigate that you can recruit with high stats, then you can farm for them through a few basic steps. You will have to recruit a Living Frigate through the Dream Aerial method first in order to start looking for more frigates.

An important thing that you will need to get is an Anomaly Detector. These can be obtained from breaking asteroids in space. They do have a low chance of showing up from mining asteroids, but once you have one, you simply have to engage your pulse drive once more towards an empty part of space, and it will start detecting anomalies.

If it detects an anomaly other than a Whalesong or a Cosmic Megafauna, do not disengage your pulse drive and wait for the detection timer to reset and start a new scan. If you get the right signal, you can disengage your pulse drive and receive the transmission from the Living Frigate.

You can then choose to inspect the frigate and see its stats and class. If you are happy with the stats and you can afford the recruitment cost, you can then add the Living Frigate to the fleet.

Afterwards, regardless of whether or not you have accepted the scouted frigate, you can repeat the cycle by looking for another Anomaly Detector from mining asteroids and scan for more of these cosmic megafauna.

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