No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters (Explained)

The freighter ships have seen a vast improvement in No Man's Sky Endurance.

No Man's Sky Endurance Freighters featured

In No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters see a massive improvement in this brand new update. Hello Games has given us more options to personalize and use our very own home amongst the stars. While Freighters have always been a great addition to the game, No Man’s Sky Endurance update has expanded the way they work.

What’s New With No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters?

The Freighters in No Man’s Sky Endurance have received significant reworks that gives them more functionality. Here’s everything new with No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters:

  • Improved Textures
  • More Customization
  • Advanced Teleportation
  • Scanning, Refining, and Extracting
  • Specialist Crew Members
  • Organic Frigates
  • Polestar Expedition

Previously, they were just a glorified storage room for extra items but now they’re more useful with a lot of new exciting features. There were a couple of updates that gave it some quality of life improvements, but nothing like No Man’s Sky Endurance has done for the freighters.

No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters Improved Textures

You’ll immediately notice the rework the first time you call in your Freighter. It will have better textures and look less generic. There’s better details for both exterior and interior with better colors that can be modified. This also applies to civilian freighters encountered across the galaxy.

No Man's Sky Endurance Freighters More Customization

No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters More Customization

You can now customize your own Freighter in No Man’s Sky Endurance. Place windows, doors, and walls in both the exterior and interior of your capital ship. There will also be more rooms that visually pleasing to the eye that you can add such as catwalks and observation decks.

Building and customizing your freighter base is also made easy in this update. Free placement allows you to see through walls and place existing base parts without deletion. This saves you having to build something again just because you made a mistake in placement.

If you’ve ever felt that previous Freighters in No Man’s Sky just felt like an empty hull with a series of hallways, you’re not alone and the Endurance update has done much to alleviate that. You now have the ability to add your own personal touch to your Freighter.

No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters Advanced Teleportation

Previously players were able to build a teleporters in their freighter bays so they can teleport to their bases or space stations without the outer space commute. Now there’s actually a dedicated teleportation room that’s capable of warping players to and from their freighter without having to go to any designated spots.

Teleportation has actually received a lot of improvements in the No Man’s Sky Endurance update. In case you build your freighter to be large enough, you can opt to build short distance teleporters that allow you to move between rooms in your ship without having to traverse the hallways.

No Man's Sky Endurance Freighters Scanning, Refining, and Extracting

No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters Scanning, Refining, and Extracting

Freighters now have dedicated Refining rooms that can be placed as part of the ship without any cap limits. Players can now industrialize their own freighters to act as factories that will refine elements, minerals, gases, and plants for mass production. For convenience, your freighter scanners have been upgraded so that they can provide resource information from the planets in the solar system to the bridge.

The No Man’s Sky freighters now have dedicated Mineral extraction rooms that automatically extract minerals and metals from the solar system you’re in. There are also dedicated Agriculture rooms for the purpose of farming advanced crops for advanced trade items.

If you’ve always been tired of having to constantly mining plants for carbon, you can now build Greenhouse rooms which give you oxygen automatically. This is a great way to collect carbon.

No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters Specialist Crew Members

If the new No Man’s Sky freighters sound like a lot of maintenance to you, don’t worry. Hello Games have added specialist crew members who frequently patrol your freighter to ensure everything is running as intended. They help lessen the burden of feeling like the only one managing your trade empire. These specialist crew members have their own cabins so they’re not just faceless worker drones.

No Man's Sky Endurance Freighters Organic Frigates

No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters Organic Frigates

Organic Frigates are essentially living freighters that you encounter in No Man’s Sky Endurance. They can be encountered randomly and come in a diverse variety of shapes, colors, and exteriors that it’s rare to see two organic frigates alike. These living freighters have their own traits and stats which you can improve by feeding them from the Fleet Management menu.

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No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters Polestar Expedition

The new Polestar Expedition centers entirely on the No Man’s Sky Endurance freighters. They’ll take you on an interstellar journey that uncovers new technology for your freighter and sheds light on its mysterious past. With the strange weathers that have been showing up around the systems, you’ll have to pilot your freighter through them. Once you’ve finished the space voyage, you can end the expedition and convert the Polestar Expedition safe to Normal mode before the deadline.

The Polestar Expedition has several phases. Each giving you collectible rewards like exclusive base parts that can be useful for your freighter. These rewards can also be cosmetic such as posters, the High Gravity Freighter Trail, a Child of Helios Companion, a Fleet Commander’s Cape, and many more.

That’s our No Man’s Sky Endurance Freighters explained. We hope you found this article to be informative. We have more No Man’s Sky content for you to check out.

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