No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 2 Walkthrough

A guide on the second phase of Expedition 8: Polestar in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Polestar Phase 2 cover

No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 2 will have players work on expanding the freighters some more by adding structures that will aid in transportation and logistics.

In this guide, we will have an in-depth guide about the second phase of Expedition 8: Polestar, and share some tips along the way.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Tips

We’re starting off with some basic tips and helpful info that can make your expedition run a lot more smoother.

  • A number of objectives all throughout the phases will require you to scan certain numbers of fauna, flora, and minerals. So as soon as you land on your first planet, try to spend a few moments to scan all of the things that you can scan to make some early progress on these objectives.
  • Though it is possible to complete some milestones ahead of time, be mindful about your limited inventory space when claiming their rewards. You can always check in the Expeditions tab to see what rewards will be given per milestone.
  • We recommend to quickly do a scan of all the milestones in this expedition to get an idea what the tasks are so that you can make your journey a bit more efficient. Almost every milestone can be seen even at the very start of the expedition.

How to Complete No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 2

Phase 2 has eight milestones which are mostly about freighter expansion and transportation technology. One of the milestones is an optional one which requires some multiplayer interaction.

Log 2: Into the Black

Log 2: Into the Black

After reaching the first rendezvous, you will have to make some more jumps to the next marked star system called Nawaguch. Only when your freighter is in the system will the ship’s log become accessible with the freighter captain. Read the log to complete the milestone.

Log 2: Into the Black rewards:

  • Orbital Exocraft Materialiser plans
  • x3 Wiring Loom
  • Yellow paint freighter customisation
Rendezvous 2

Rendezvous 2

The next milestone in the phase will have you follow another marker to a planet within the Nawaguch system. But before going down into the planet, it’s best that you complete the Drop Protocol milestone first to save you a trip or two. Once you’ve done the milestone, you can proceed as normal following this guide.

The rendezvous point is another crashed freighter which is in the middle of the ocean. By now, other players would have already reached the area and made platforms or terraformed the land to make the place more accessible for other players. Once you have reached the area, you will have to swim underwater, but only up until you get the confirmation about completing the milestone.

Rendezvous 2 rewards:

  • Teleport Chamber plans
  • 3,333 Nanites
  • Salvaged Frigate Module
  • x2 Inventory Slot
Drop Protocol

Drop Protocol

The next milestone will require you to build an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser which requires the following materials:

  • x60 Gold
  • x50 Ionised Cobalt
  • x3 Warp Cell

Pick a location in your freighter to place the room in and then construct it. This will then allow you to deploy your exocraft on planets within the same system, which you will need to do for the next milestone.

Drop Protocol rewards:

  • Nautilon Chamber plans
  • Roamer Geobay plans
  • Exocraft Specialist’s Room plans
Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas

Going back to the second rendezvous point, if you haven’t left yet, you will need to create a Nautilon Chamber underwater to be able to deploy a submarine. This requires the following materials:

  • x5 Metal Plating
    • x50 Ferrite Dust/pc
  • x4 Crystal Sulphide
  • x100 Salt

Crystal Sulphide can be harvested from underwater geysers. These appear as small vents that have glowing tops. The Crystal Sulphide can be picked up from its side and one geyser usually has 3-4 Crystal Sulphide nodes on it. Be careful as this geyser explodes in intervals; make sure to only approach it after it explodes to get the longest safe window.

Salt can be acquired by mining most of the minerals that are naturally submerged underwater, so it’s easy to gather these around the second rendezvous point.

Once you have the materials, just pick a portion of the land that is submerged underwater to place the chamber on and it will automatically spawn a Nautilon. You can ride the Nautilon and it will complete the milestone.

Freedom of the Seas rewards:

  • x2 Supreme Submarine Drive Upgrade
  • Significant Nautilon Cannon Upgrade
  • Aquatic Treasure
  • Osmotic Generator plans
Across Infinity

Across Infinity

For this milestone, you will need to construct a Teleport Chamber within the freighter. This requires the following materials:

  • x60 Silver
  • x3 Antimatter
  • x1 Amino Chamber

The Amino Chamber can be unlocked as a recipe from the Anomaly, or it can sometimes be sold in space stations in its made state. So if you do happen to find one of these on sale, grab at least one for this milestone. When crafted, it needs:

  • x1 Metal Plating
  • x20 Chlorine
  • x25 Condensed Carbon

Construct the Teleport Chamber within the buildable area of the freighter to complete the milestone.

Across Infinity rewards:

  • Technology Room (Expansion) plans
  • Construction Specialist’s Room plans
  • Advanced Mining Laser plans
The Engine of Life

The Engine of Life

This milestone requires you to scan 20 plants. If you have been scanning since the start of the expedition, all those scanned plants will count towards this achievement.

The Engine of Life rewards:

  • Double Cultivation Chamber plans
  • Supreme Scanning System Upgrade
  • x2 Powerful Mining Beam Upgrade
The Air We Breathe

The Air We Breathe

For this next milestone, you will need to construct a Double Cultivation Chamber. This will require the following materials:

  • x60 Silver
  • x35 Oxygen
  • x25 Faecium

Faecium can be obtained by picking up the poop of the creatures that you feed Creature Pellets. It can also be obtained from certain types of flora as a by-product or it can be refined from Mordite.

Simply construct the Double Cultivation Chamber in the buildable area of the freighter to complete the milestone.

The Air We Breathe rewards:

  • Biological Room (Expansion) plans
  • Nutrition Room plans
  • Collection of plantable seeds

Hospitality (Optional Milestone)

Hospitality is an optional milestone which will require you to visit another player’s freighter. This can be done easily if you have a friend, or you can ask around for someone to invite you into their freighter in the Anomaly.

For players who do not want to interact with other players or just want to get through the expedition as fast as possible, this milestone can be skipped; the bonus 5 million units can be a huge boost, but there are other methods of farming units that can get you the same amount faster.

However, if you plan to continue your journey in the same save file after completing the expedition, it’s highly recommended to complete this milestone as it will reward you with the Atlas Pass set and a complete Portal Glyph set.

Hospitality rewards:

  • Atlas Pass set
  • 5,000,000 Units
  • Portal glyph set
Phase 2 reward

Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 2 Completion Rewards

Once you’ve completed all milestones for this phase, you can claim this reward from the Phase 2 badge in the Expedition page. You can also already claim it in your other save files even before completing the expedition.

  • High-Gravity Freighter Trail

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