No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 5 Walkthrough

A guide on the final phase of Expedition 8: Polestar in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Phase 5 cover

No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 5 is the final phase of the expedition and will have players will have to meet an entity in space and learn what happened to the fate of the crew of the missing freighter.

In this guide, we will have an in-depth guide about the fifth phase of Expedition 8: Polestar, and share some tips along the way.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Tips

We’re starting off with some basic tips and helpful info that can make your expedition run a lot more smoother.

  • Some milestones in this phase can be completed in the earlier parts of the expedition.
  • We recommend to quickly do a scan of all the milestones in this expedition to get an idea what the tasks are so that you can make your journey a bit more efficient. Almost every milestone can be seen even at the very start of the expedition.

How to Complete No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 5

Phase 5’s milestones are mostly story-bound except for the two quote milestones that require you to scan fauna and expand your frigate fleet. These two milestones can be completed in the early part of the expedition.

Log 5: Horizons

Log 5: Horizons

For the final leg, you will have to make a few more jumps to the final marked star system in the galaxy. Once there, you can then talk to the freighter captain and read the final logs.

Log 5: Horizons rewards:

  • Homeworld Repeater
  • x10 Antimatter
  • Salvaged Hyperdrive Upgrade
  • Orange paint freighter customisation
Rendezvous 5

Rendezvous 5

Continue following the distress signal down to the marked planet. Deploy your Nautilon Chamber and ride your Nautilon, or dive down towards the crashed freighter until you receive the milestone completion.

Rendezvous 5 rewards:

  • 3,333 Nanites
  • Salvaged Frigate Module
  • x2 Inventory Slot
  • Multi-Tool Expansion Slot
  • Cargo Bulkhead
A Life Beneath the Sky

A Life Beneath the Sky

For this milestone, you will have to scan 25 different fauna living in planets. Any kind of fauna will count and all fauna scanned from the beginning of the expedition will count towards this milestone.

A Life Beneath the Sky rewards:

  • x25 Creature Pellets
  • Supreme Scanning System Upgrade
  • x128 Faecium
Mission Control

Mission Control

For this milestone, you will need to recruit more frigates to have a total of 8 frigates in your fleet. The Normandy and the Leviathan will count towards the goal if you have those two frigates. Otherwise, you can recruit more frigates by going in space and checking the spawning freighters as they are usually accompanied by frigates.

Ones that can be recruited will have a green unit icon on them. They will hail out a transmission once you are near enough, and you can respond to this through your starship’s communicator.

Depending on the class of these ships, the recruitment price can start approximately from 1 million units to 30 million units. You can recruit any class that your budget can allow as the milestone does not require a specific class.

Mission Control rewards:

  • Salvaged Fleet Fuel Unit
  • Salvaged Fleet Trade Unit
  • Salvaged Fleet Mining Unit
  • Terrifying Sample
Deep Sleep Cruise

Deep Sleep Cruise

For this milestone, you need to craft the Homeworld Repeater from the Log 5 Horizons rewards and use it while flying in space. This item will require the following materials:

  • x1 Hydraulic Wiring
    • x2 Carbon Nanotubes
    • x20 Salt
    • x40 Di-hydrogen
  • x20 Gold
  • x60 Magnetised Ferrite

Once crafted, jump in your starship and fly out into space. Inside your inventory, select the Homeworld Repeater and choose the option to broadcast. Then, in any open direction, engage your pulse drive to start the scan. Once you receive an alert, turn off your pulse drive and you will encounter the huge construct in space.

Talk to the entity until you reach the end dialog to complete the milestone.

Deep Sleep Cruise rewards:

  • Singularity Engine plans


For the final milestone, you will need to craft the Singularity Engine and install it in your freighter. This item will require the following materials:

  • x1 Warp Hypercore
    • x1 Storm Crystal
    • x1 Antimatter
  • x3 Crystal Sulphide
  • x120 Ionised Cobalt

Install it in your freighter’s technology slot or any of its open slots, and then talk to the freighter captain to initiate the jump through a wormhole. Once you are out of the wormhole, you’ll then find yourself in another portion of the galaxy.

Superluminal rewards:

  • Chromatic Warp Shielding plans
  • Temporal Warp Computer plans
  • Salvaged Hyperdrive Upgrade
  • Hyperdrive plans

Expedition 8: Polestar Phase 5 Completion Rewards

Once you’ve completed all milestones for this phase, you can claim this reward from the Phase 5 badge in the Expedition page. You can also already claim it in your other save files even before completing the expedition.

  • Title: “The Seeker”
  • Polestar Expedition Decal plans
  • Polestar Expedition Banner
Child of Helios Companion Egg

Expedition 8: Polestar Reward

After completing all five phases, check the main Expedition 8 badge to get the companion egg. It will appear on your inventory and you can hatch it if you have a free slot in your companion list.

  • Child of Helios Companion Egg

All the phase rewards and the final reward can be claimed on a different save file on the same game account as soon as they become available.

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