Payday 3: Where to Get Blue Keycard in Rock the Cradle

Payday 3 Rock the Cradle How to Get Blue Keycard featured image

In Rock the Cradle of Payday 3, the blue keycard gets you entry to get into the VIP club of the Neon Cradle nightclub. This also unlocks an important location inside which you need to steal the crypto wallet for this heist. Use this guide we have for you to learn how to get the blue keycard in Rock the Cradle heist of Payday 3.

Where to Get the Blue Keycard in Rock the Cradle?

You have to pickpocket the blue keycard from behind the bouncer guarding the front of the VIP section of the Neon Cradle. To do this without getting spotted, you’ll first have to lure him upstairs by sabotaging the nightclub’s music. This will cause him to leave the observed area and investigate upstairs.

Here’s what you have to do in order to get the blue keycard:

Step 1: Reconfigure the Speakers

The first thing you have to do after entering the Neon Cradle nightclub is go to the front of the VIP area, which is guarded by two bouncers. It’s at the far end of the first floor, next to the bar. Shade will contact you about the VIP passes in the manager’s room, but you’ll also get the option to sabotage the speakers above.

Picklock the door to the left of the bar carefully so that nobody notices you doing it, and then climb the stairs. After reaching the second floor, take a left and put on your mask. You’ll need it to jump over the rails blocking the stairs because you can’t do so without the mask.

Reconfigure the Speakers

When above the platforms, make your way to where the speakers are. Either avoid the cameras or take them out with a silenced weapon. There are four speakers you need to readjust. After readjusting them, go back down to the second floor.

Step 2: Get Rid of the DJ

Grab the DJ as a body shield and lead him away from the speaker controls. Stash him somewhere hidden, like near the stairs to the upper platform, so that the bouncer won’t see him. Shove him to the ground and tie him up so he doesn’t get away and call the police.

Step 3: Steal the Blue Keycard

Interact with the sound systems to get the bouncer to go upstairs and investigate. Once he arrives, steal the blue keycard from behind him or place him out of commission and take it. Preferably one of your teammates who doesn’t have their mask on yet. Use the blue keycard to open the door to the VIP room and sneak by without alerting the bouncers.

This method of entering the VIP room will cause the cameras to be suspicious when they see you. There is also a ventilation shaft to the left where some barrels can be moved to let your friends in. Besides opening the VIP club’s door, the blue keycard can also be used to open the door with the electrical switches below.

Unfortunately, the only way to sabotage the music is by putting on your mask, which makes it challenging to go back to the first floor. This will be easier if you have teammates to help you sneak by, but if you’re playing solo, you may prefer getting the VIP passes instead, unless you get the bug that prevents you from showing the VIP invitation to the bouncer.

If you did get the VIP passes authenticated and managed to show them to the bouncer, then stealing the blue keycard becomes a lot easier. Just pick it up from him after he lets you inside. Just be careful that the [Observed] warning isn’t showing when you do it.