Can I Play Payday 3 Solo? Answered

Is it viable to play Payday 3 by yourself?

Looking to take on the challenges of playing Payday 3 solo? While the game is primarily focused on multiplayer gameplay, there are various reasons why you might be interested in tackling your heists alone. Whether you’re seeking a personal challenge or simply don’t have reliable online companions, this guide will explore the viability of playing Payday 3 solo.

Is Solo Play an Option in Payday 3?

You can play Payday 3 alone, but not offline. Select any heist and set up the lobby to be “Invite Only,” and then don’t invite anyone. After matchmaking, you’ll drop into a lobby by yourself to select your loadout before the heist begins.

Payday 3 requires you to always be online, so even when you’re playing alone, you’ll have to matchmake. This will take some time for matchmaking to finish and put you in a lobby by yourself. Afterwards, you can play Payday 3 solo without other players.

Regardless of whether you’re playing Payday 3 solo, you’ll have to play with bots. They’ll mostly stay out of your way if you’re doing stealth, as they’ll hang around outside until you’re caught and need backup. You can’t really order these bots around, so everything will be up to you.

Playing Payday 3 solo

Payday 3 is the most accessible Payday game to date. Not only does it allow for crossplay and cross-progression between PC, Xbox Series X|S, and the PS5 but it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass. The only thing it’s missing besides proper servers is an in-game voice chat feature.

Additionally, if you want a visual representation of how you can play Payday 3 Solo in-game, check out this video provided by Ape Knight Gaming through this link here.

How Hard is Payday 3 Solo?

Playing Payday 3 solo is pretty hard without other players to help you out. You’ll have to do everything yourself which makes certain objectives harder than they have to be. Although Payday 3 can be played alone it wasn’t specifically designed in mind to be a single player experience.

Certain tasks come to mind such as taking the blue keycard from the bouncer in Robbing the Cradle becomes much more challenging when played solo. Since you’ll need a mask to jump and get to the upper platforms, going back to the first floor will alert civilians.

On normal difficulties most Payday 3 heists, such as No Rest for the Wicked and Dirty Ice, are doable but challenging. It’s when you get to harder difficulties that some heists can be punishingly brutal. This is where teamplay comes to shine as many skills you can invest in Payday 3, like the Hacker, are geared towards making it easier for your team to accomplish tasks.