Payday 3 Blue Keycard Locations

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Blue Keycards in Payday 3 are one of the most important items that you can find present in almost every heist. These keycards grant you access to important locations, such as security rooms that control every camera in the venue or even key locations you can’t complete the heist without. Here’s a guide that shows you the locations where each blue keycard is in every Payday 3 heist.

Because of how Payday 3 randomizes key aspects in heists, you won’t always find the blue keycard in the same spot. They’re usually found at the back of security guards patrolling the venue, and you can pickpocket from behind. Be careful not to pickpocket the blue keycards when you see [Observed], as you’ll alert people nearby.

No Rest for the Wicked Blue Keycard Location

The blue keycard in No Rest for the Wicked is either on the security guard patrolling the first floor or the one patrolling the second floor. There are two guards who wander around the main hallways of the SCB bank on each floor. One of them has the blue keycard, which gives you access to the security room on the second floor, and the other has the red keycard.

Dirty Ice Blue Blue Keycard Location

The blue keycard on the Dirty Ice heist is on the security guard patrolling below the stairs in the alleyway next to the jewelry store. If you approach from behind, you’ll find a staircase to your left with a fence on the front. There’s a guard that patrols below that staircase who’ll eventually move to the main hallway of the jewelry store. He carries the blue keycard with him.

Rock the Cradle Blue Keycard Location

The blue keycard in the Rock the Cradle heist is on the bouncer in front of the VIP club. Go to the far end of the first floor in the Neon Cradle nightclub. Next to the bar are two bouncers who won’t let you in without a pass. The bouncer on the right has the blue keycard.

Unlike the previous heists, you can’t get this keycard on the go since the bouncer is accompanied and watched by his friend. You’ll have to first distract the bouncer by reconfiguring the speakers and leading him somewhere more secluded, or get the VIP passes authenticated and just snag the keycard once he lets you in.

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Gold & Sharke Blue Keycard Location

The blue keycard in Gold & Sharke can either be on the back of the manager who is patrolling the second floor of the bank or on the desk of an office on the same floor. Unlike other blue keycards, this one is special because it’s on an employee who isn’t a security guard or on the desk, which other heists don’t have.

The problem with getting to this blue keycard is that the second floor is off-limits. It’s also locked when you enter the Gold & Sharke bank because you need to get the red keycard first in the assistant manager’s office. There’s also another problem with getting this blue keycard if it spawns on the belt of the manager because he will run out of the premises, which locks you from getting it.

99 Boxes Blue Keycard Location

The blue keycard in 99 Boxes is on the back of the guard in the cargo area. Interestingly, the room itself that needs the blue keycard is unlocked, so you can get in without getting it.

Touch the Sky Blue Keycard Location

Getting to the blue keycard in Touch the Sky is a bit difficult since it’s on the back of a guard who loves to move around the building. The security room it unlocks is either upstairs or downstairs, near the lift. One guard will have the blue keycard, and the other has the phone you need to hack in order to open the master bedroom.