Phasmophobia: Firelight Guide

Learn how the Firelight works and discover its effects in Phasmophobia using this guide.

The Firelight is one of the purchasable equipment in Phasmophobia that is crucial for keeping you sane especially on larger and darker maps. As you investigate ghost activities, your Sanity will decrease periodically which leaves you vulnerable to ghosts. Read ahead, and we’ll explain every bit of detail on how to use Firelights in Phasmophobia.

What Does Firelight Do in Phasmophobia?

Firelights prevent your Sanity from draining and can illuminate darker areas without using electronics. As long as you stand within their light, your Sanity Drain Rate will be reduced depending on the tier you’re using.

How to Get the Firelight in Phasmophobia

You’ll need to reach Level 12 to unlock the Firelight and add it to your Loadout. Once you’ve reached Level 12, you can purchase this equipment from the Equipment Store back in the lobby.

How Much Does Firelight Cost in Phasmophobia?

A Firelight costs $15 per purchase. It will always remain the same price regardless of what tier you’re using.

Phasmophobia Firelight Tiers

  • Tier I — Unlocks at Level 12. Has a range of 2 meters and will stay lit for 2 minutes. Has a 33% Sanity Drain Reduction. Considered a Consumable.
  • Tier II — Unlocks at Level 47. Has a range of 2 meters and will stay lit for 5 minutes. Has a 55% Sanity Drain Reduction. Considered a Consumable.
  • Tier III — Unlocks at Level 79. Has a range of 2 meters and will stay lit indefinitely. Has a 66% Sanity Drain Reduction and is waterproof.

Once you reach Level 100, you’ll get the option to Prestige. Doing to will reset your Firelight tiers back to I.

How to Upgrade the Firelight in Phasmophobia

The Firelight can be upgraded by reaching higher levels and paying money at the Equipment Store.

  • Tier II Cost — $3,000
  • Tier III Cost — $10,000

After upgrading the Firelight, you can select what tier to bring with you by going to the Equipment Store, your Loadout, and clicking on the Firelight. You’ll be able to choose what to bring from the tiers you’ve unlocked.

How to Use the Firelight in Phasmophobia

To use a Firelight, you must have an Igniter in your inventory. With the Firelight held in your hand, right-click on your mouse to light it and activate its effects. If you’ve placed the Firelight down on a surface, you can light it by pressing F with an Igniter currently in your hand.

Firelights can be placed on surfaces by pressing and holding ‘F’ on your keyboard, which will display a translucent image of where the equipment will be set down. Releasing the F key will then place the Firelight on that surface.

While you’ll find other Firelights in certain maps that can also be lit with the Igniter, those can’t be picked up. They do illuminate the area but will not provide a Sanity Drain Reduction bonus unlike the Firelight that you came with.

There are several reasons why Firelights can be extinguished. Leaving them out in the rain will extinguish the flame unless you’re using the Tier III Firelight. However, they can also be extinguished by ghosts which is sometimes a bonus objective.

Ghost Effects on Firelights

Ghosts will occasionally blow out a candle when they’re at least 3 meters from it. You’ll hear a sigh nearby whenever this happens. The Firelight will exhibit a smoke whether it’s been blown out by the ghost or it’s reached its limit.

The Ghost has a special effect on an Onryo in which they can function as Crucifixes that prevent this specific ghost type from hunting. An Onryo will blow out a candle instead of initiating a ghost hunt if it’s near enough. However for every third time an Onryo blows out a candle it will initiate a ghost hunt regardless of everyone’s Sanity.

Since Firelights aren’t electronics, they won’t make you vulnerable during ghost hunts. However they don’t give you a clue that the ghost is actively hunting especially if it manifested far from your location.